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1. The subjects in both poems are under the myrtle tree. While the Persian slave boy is resting under its shade, Maecenas is under it, “read o’er what poets sung, and shepherds play’d. For both of them it is a place of solace, where they can withdraw to their own thoughts and be one with their inner desires. The slave is warned that the simple myrtle is not enhanced.

Wheatley’s depiction of Maecenas is a genius, with noble strains whose bosom is the Muse’s home. Horace’s depiction of Maecenas is more of a worship of the man who made him what he became. At the end of his poem, Horace says that, “If you enter me among all the lyric poets, my head too will be raised to touch the stars.”

2. Niobe’s pain did not stop her from being beautiful. Wheatley says that she was a Phrygian queen. She had it all. She held her potent reign; in her hand the royal scepter shone and she was the wealthy heir of Tantalus divine. She had maintained appearances, even in her pain.



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3. In Oval Portrait, the painter loved his work as a painter so much. His wife saw this love of art as her only rival. He seeks to immortalize her in her art. He forgot that he had a wife, all he put importance was the depiction of her as an impeccable portrait. She stopped being human in his eyes and was only an object whose beauty lay in being in the oval portrait that was richly gilded and filigreed in Moresque. Jean Baudrillard notes that this is a first order simulacrum where the image is clearly an artificial place marker for the real item. The uniqueness of the objects and uniqueness marks them as absolutely real and signification obviously gropes towards this reality.

4. Sardanapalus finally comes to the realization that he was causing pain to his citizens and that he had a responsibility to protect them. In Allen Poe’s city in the sea, the result of a horrific incident can be seen, from the ruins of a once great city. One can only imagine the pain that its residents went through at the time of its destruction.

5. Ozymandias destroyed a city that was deep in the desert while In City in the sea, it is said that Death had reared himself a throne. The city in Allen Poe’s poem was under the sea, the city will be given reverence in hell, where it is going to finally settle. Ozymandias destroyed a great city, “a colossal wreck”, while in the other poem, the city is said to have pinnacles, domes, Kingly halls, Babylon-like walls, shadowy long-forgotten bowers, sculptured ivy and stone flowers and a marvelous shrine.

6. Achilles is a warrior, as his destiny and his loathing of King Agamemnon. In Iliad IX, he states categorically that he wants no part in the war and with the King. He asks Odysseus to leave him as he was planning to leave for home the next morning. However, in Iliad XVI he is rounding up the soldiers in readiness for the war.

7. In Walden, the persona says that he would have rather called on the man in his neighborhood that lived in a hollow tree rather than the King. This is due to the fact that he does not see any hospitality in the presence of the King. It would be ridiculous to try and compare status of the King and the poor man in his neighborhood.

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Achilles in Iliad 9 tells Odysseus and company that he will wait for his Peleus, his father to find him a wife, instead of the choice that he had been given of any of the King’s daughters. He considers that he would be better off not marrying a princess. This is highly unlikely. He also refuses all the gifts that the King had offered him, in exchange for his services in the King’s service.

8. Thoreau says, “However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not as bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest. The fault-finder will find faults even in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poor-house.” Achilles, refused at all lengths to refuse going to war alongside Agamemnon, but he still went and fought beside him later. This is due to the fact he was destined to be a man of war. This was his life. There was no way he was going to escape it. There was no way that Achilles could one day decide that his fate had changed or could be altered.

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9. Glen has gotten religion and is therefore not just a slave, he believes that with his new found religion, he is a new man. Cato is defending his wife and he is aided by Mr. White to escape the slaveholders who want to catch him and his wife Melinda. The older Cato is more challenged by the Glen depiction, since it involves doing nothing to the people that had enslaved them, due to the fact that they had gotten religion.

10. Whitman invokes pain and sorrow in the reader, by giving the facts that he sees and seemingly can do nothing about. He watches as the wife is misused by the husband, the mother by her children. He watches all the oppression and the shame that is in the world around him.

I believe that in all estimations, Virgil was more revolutionary in his time. He made an account one of the greatest wars ever fought; the battle of Troy, the journey of Aeneas whose destiny, according to the god Juno was the founding of Rome.

11. The love between Nisus and Euryalus is unstoppable and is greater than their fear of death. Nisus says that the gods should allow him to be restores to her loved embrace with life after the strife is over. On the other hand, Whitman’s move to join the Union army as a nurse was a move to also understand the times and make a change in the army. His psychological help to the soldiers showed a high level of love for their welfare and this is in no way making him an erotic failure. He did something very admirable and by his chronicles explored the turmoil of the era at a very personal level.


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