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Free «Elements of Work and Change» Essay Sample

There will be a significant change in the main issues that have been affecting the United States in the recent past. Such issues include the race, gender, ethnicity and age. In matters to do with race, life in the United States will have evolved to a complete non racial country as every race will be deemed as an equal player in the economy of the country. Stereotypes associated with race will also change as people will be embracing each other’s race. Gender roles will also change significantly with the current education of women in the same fields previously flooded by men. Ethnicity will be a thing of the past as the English language will be understood and used for communication by all. Age difference will also result in a change as a result of life expectancy. Life expectancy is estimated to increase due to technological advancement (Rothenberg, 2006).

How the Internet Might be involved in These Changes

The internet might be involved in these changes through several means. Firstly, it makes communication to be shrunk between borders and barriers as it is fast and reliable. This will mean an increased interaction between people no matter where they are in the country. Secondly, the internet has online sources or libraries which people can access. These libraries definitely contain information that will demystify the stereotypes some races have towards others. The information contained on the internet will help in the health sector as doctors will be referring from the internet. In addition, they will be learning about the new trends in diseases from the internet and this will help in the increase of life expectancy (Becker, 2006).


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Three Ways Sociologists Might Use the Internet to Study Life in the United States

The three ways sociologists might use internet to study life in the United States include the chat and instant messaging services, news groups and websites classifications such as blogs. This can be done by monitoring trends on these sites.


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