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Articles of Confederation were the first constitution of the United States of America in 1777. That aimed at seeing how the federal government would operate in the country, and the Articles of Confederation gave the United States of America powers to declare war, (Jack, 1988). Negotiate diplomatically, and negotiate issue regarding its territorial issues.

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The main reason according to me a to why the article of confederation failed to unite the nation is the difference that emerged between the founding fathers (The Avalon project, 2008). They were divided into various leadership categories, this is some wanted a loosely-structured one while the other wanted a centralized government. The reason that resulted to the division of the country as the leaders had ideological deference and they had to convince there delegates not to support the ideas of there opponents resulting to more division of the country (Klos, 2004).

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Another failure of this article is the inability of the central government to collect taxes from the public. However, it had to ask for money from the state governments that would fund the central government projects. The states were not willing to heed to these demands and in the process the projects of the government stalled as a result of lack of funds (The Avalon project, 2008).If I were in the drafting of the article, I would remove the section that indicates that each states is supposed to contributed to the national government by contributing to the national government according to the value of each state. This in some ways will make the national government to have adequate funds that will ensure it to operate gradually (Jack, 1988).

As a constitution writer of the United States of America the most suitable way of uniting the country is by introducing clauses in the Articles of Confederation is to introduce the necessary requirements of a the central government. This is by ensuring that all the states are governed by one central government that will monitor state governance.


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