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Does Adam gain Heroic stature when he stands by Eve and eat the fruit from the forbidden tree?Yes, Adam shows his heroism through standing by Eve and eating the forbidden fruit. This is so because even after being aware that what Eve had done was wrong he still supported her by committing the same mistake of eating the forbidden fruit. Adam stood by his wife knowing that the sin she had committed will result in her death he decided to eat the fruit so that they could both die for they were one flesh. He was afraid of loosing Eve thus decided to rather die that live without her. These shows how much Love He had for his wife thus fulfilling God's command that he should love and protect her?

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Adam presents himself as a hero because it is only through that sin that they are able to have intimate relationship which resulted in them having children like Abel and Cain. Without both of them eating the forbidden fruit they wouldn't have been in a position to conceive. So Adam should be credited for starting sexuality which is an important aspect in many relationships in our lives today especially marriage.Also through what Adam did we see that all human nature are humbled to serve God? This is clearly evident when they both wake up in the morning after having nightmares throughout realizing that they have sinned Eve convinces Adam that they go before God and ask for His Mercy and forgiveness. God's shows them his grace because of their repentance nature. By Adam accepting to eat the fruit we as mankind are in a position to learn of God's Grace even if we have wronged him so long as we repent our sins and turn to him as our only savior.

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It is only through what Adam did that we were lucky as mankind for God send His son Jesus Christ to save the whole race. Jesus came to save the Human race because of the sin committed by Adam and Eve. It was through their sin that we find out that God loved us so much that he sends his only son to rescue the world from sin without thinking of the difficulties Jesus will go through.Through what Adam did, the power of a woman's beauty and what she can do to convince a man is clearly brought to the forefront. It's through this that the beauty of a woman is highly appreciated and valued by the men folk. This brings out the mutual dependence between a man and a woman unlike that of dominance by the men. Even though Adam is the head of the family by Adam accepting to eat that forbidden fruit it shows that he respects and values the little output Eve tries to bring in the relationship.Even though Adam is portrayed as having high integrity and intelligence level, he doesn't rub it in her face and belittles his wife but rather goes along with what Eve wants. We learn that a man and a wife should depend on each other and help each other even when facing problems. They can only use their differences to build each other and strengthen their ties.A true victory in this story is reflected when their love grows to greater heights than it was before. It is clear that Adam hated Divorce for he chose to die rather than leave his wife. Despite everything the wife did because of the love he felt for her he forgave her and accepted her back.As a result of what Adam did the human race became aware of what Satan's plans were, despite Eve being his daughter He didn't mind hurting her as long as he got revenge against God for sending him away from heaven. If Adam didn't accept the forbidden fruit maybe they would be faced with a much bigger problem from Satan as he could have come up with even more devious way of making them to sin.

Adam showed the human race of the importance of a family and the need to value it. No matter the situation you should always be there for one another to death. It is as a result of sin that mankind was introduced to death. Through the exisistence of death on earth the human race is always trying as much as they can to avoid falling in the Devil's trap and ungodly ways.The Devil was preparing for his downfall for Jesus conquered him in the end. It was through what Adam did that God reconciled back the world to himself. The Angels that were assigned to help Adam really did a good job of preparing him of what was going to happen. Through the sin Adam and eve committed God assigned him Angel Michael who was to guide Adam on what he was to face on earth after being thrown away from paradise. Also the Angel showed him in the future of how God was going to bring His Son Jesus as the savior of mankind. Without the sin this could never have happened.


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