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Identity is quite important in all sphere of life and strong corporate identity enhances an organization brand image and supports its marketing activities locally and globally. "Organization identity program when presented consistently; it creates a positive and lasting impression of the company"(Adler, 1995). Adler, (1995) illustrates that, "value of corporate identity is immeasurable and its value increases each time it is presented properly and decreases with every improper application" Organization identity generally includes a logo and supporting devices, such as your letterhead, business cards and web site, all assembled within a set of guidelines. The guidelines govern how the identity is applied and confirm approved designs for printed pieces, color palettes, type faces, page layouts and all cross media applications that maintain visual continuity and brand recognition.

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In this modern competitive marketplace which is full of challenges, it's prudent to develop and establish corporate identity standards which not only market an organization but also signifies an organization product image. Company logo ensures that everybody in an organization is adequately representing the company. This paper takes a critical analyze the impact of visual identity such as a logo in an organization. I do recognize an organization represented by a logo much easier and faster. This is because the first time I set my eyes into a given logo it gives me the company or an organization. I was first introduced to a logo of Mercedes Benz by my father. I got used to this particular logo at very tender age and up to now it still sticks in my mind. Over the years, Mercedes Benz logo has never changed.

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"The Mercedes Benz logo is one of the world's most recognized brands that signifies class, style and personality" (Adler, 1995). The Mercedes Benz logo was designed by Gottlieb Daimler in 1909. The Mercedes Benz logo consists of a three-pointed star that represents 'its domination of the land, the sea, and the air'. After the integration of Benz & Cie., the Mercedes logo was introduced with an addition of the Benz laurel wreath in 1926 to signify the union of the two firms. From that time, the Mercedes Benz logo has been the brands corporate identity and can widely be seen all over the world. The Mercedes Benz logo has become synonymous with high class and speedy automobiles.The graphics fit the product of the company since it is a symbol of high quality automobile which is not only classy but also comfortable and durable. This has made it possible for the company to market its brand world wide with pride. The technique used in producing logo is computer graphics

The aims of a corporate identityThe Role and impact of LogoAccording to Adler, (1995) "at the heart of corporate identity is company's logo and as one of the most valuable assets, it should be the first thing your customer sees and the last thing they remember". By providing uniformity in an organization, logo projects quality and professionalism. "Company logo should appear on all cross media, including letterhead, business cards, and envelopes, checks, marketing materials, advertisements, the company web site and more" (Adler, 1995). In conclusion, Logo as a visual identity has got a great impact on marketing and selling product of a given company of an organization.


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