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If the report released by the government of Mexico is anything to go by, the country is probably the leading with over seven drug cartels to its credit. The key drug cartels in this country are the Sinaloa, Juarez and Gulf (Grayson 2010, p 23). With its branches well spread in more than twenty states in Mexico, the Juarez is probably the leading. The Sinaloa come second in this list of shame with it being found in key towns of Mexico. Coming in third position is the gulf which is operating in less than fifteen sates in Mexico. The Tijuana is equally very much present in a number of states in Mexico (Grayson 2010, p 28).With time, it has been discovered that, the cartels have resulted to forming alliances and this has resulted to cut throat competition in Mexican cities. The recent known alliance is that of Tijuana and Gulf after reaching several agreements (Grayson 2010, p 29). The rest are equally taking part in the alliances, with an organization known as 'The Federation' being born as a result. The key partakers in this organization are the Valencia, Sinaloa not forgetting the Juarez. This is probably the most powerful of all in Mexico (Grayson 2010, p 33).

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Mexico has been known as a country that produces drug in large quantities thus being a good supplier to the United States. Marijuana found in most states in America has its root in Mexico. Even though the country is not in most cases associated with production of heroin globally, they usually supply it in large quantities in America (Grayson 2010, p 38). Report shows that cocaine in the United States has its root from Mexico with over 90% of it coming from there. The reports also indicate that drugs usually bring around $13.5 to $49.2 billion every year (Grayson 2010, p 43).Cartels in Mexico have operated for quite some time and have continued becoming powerful each waking day. When the linked that supplied cocaine was shut down around Florida, situation became worse in Mexico because the supply of same started emanating from there in large quantities because the cartels took full control of the same (Ewell 2010, p 34). The National Drug Intelligence Center perceives Mexico as the main operator of illegal drug trafficking in America (Ewell 2010, p 38). The center has established that, the transportation of the same is well organized and the trend is alarming. The region around South America has its drugs coming from Columbia although it has been noted that they are slowly being pushed out of the market by the Mexicans who are dominating the region (Ewell 2010, p 44).

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Sometimes back, it was noted that, the Colombians have continued to take control of the drugs coming from Mexico. The center for drugs however, still insists that, the Mexicans are the drug lords in the United States and cannot be beaten by anybody in the same (Ewell 2010, p 47). The Mexicans are also associated with most of organized crimes in the United States. Due to this, the Mexicans have taken over in the markets of drugs and they are indeed supplying in wholesale (Ewell 2010, p 49).Talk of marijuana in California, and you can be sure to mention the Mexicans. These together with methamphetamine are being supplied in the United States by the Mexicans like nobody's business. The cartels are farmers of marijuana in California and the trend is slowly spreading in other parts (Books et al 2010, p 105). Those Mexicans who are farming marijuana in California and other parts are like brothers and sisters. The cooperation between these cartels is so tight and they do things in the design (Books et al 2010, p 111).What is even a worrying trend which has been witnessed is the fact that, the cartels are now becoming close with prison departments and thugs found on the streets in American to facilitate a perfect network for supplying the drugs in the markets (Books et al 2010, p 116). NDIC has established that, the gangs are being supplied with the stuff by the Mexicans to make distributions in such places as south west side of the United States. The FBI has also established that the gangs of thugs in the streets of America are given the stuff in wholesale for distribution to the customers (Books et al 2010, p 117). The Mexicans are very clever in their dealings as they do not even support any of the three gangs they deal with in case of a conflict between them. They remain neutral as they need them all.The cartels are also taking part in other illegal activities such as selling of fire arms, abducting and human trafficking. The traffickers smuggle funds in Mexico in Lorries because they fear being caught by the United States government. The Mexican government has noted that, while the cartels may take part in trafficking of persons, they do not take part in it a lot as they normally involve themselves with drug trafficking. It has been noted that there are those groups which take part in trafficking of persons (Books et al 2010, p 119). The United States government have reported that, due to shooting down of some cartel heads of Tijuana wing, the organization has slowly but surely gone down. This has come with a price as the cartels have resulted to killing innocent people as vengeance on their members who have been killed (Books et al 2010, p 123).Escarios are the organizations that are normally used by the drug cartels in Mexico. The most worrying thing about these organizations is that, they normally take over every time the major cartel heads are put behind bars (Beittel 2010, p 52). Although most of the sicarios have been pinned down by the law enforcers a lot still need to be done because they are being recruited in large numbers and it is hard to catch them. The gulf cartel is probably the most successful in using the scarios in their operations (Beittel 2010, p 54). Theirs operate like armies and they take orders form the lord who is very powerful. Known as zetas, the group is one of the most powerful to break. The most successful operations carried out on drugs are by the Zetas who have very powerful weapons (Beittel 2010, p 56). They have managed to maintain competition through fighting for what is rightfully theirs in some places like Nuevo Laredo. It is said that these armies were couched in the United States although this is not well known. The numbers of Zetas is between 35 and 190 members. Sometimes back, the zetas were solicited from the Special Forces but they are now being recruited even from the ordinary citizens (Beittel 2010, p 59).

The government of Mexico has tried so hard to curb this vice using all means within their reach. The government has declared the drug cartels a threat to the country and has decided to deploy police in all the worst hit stats with the drug cartels (Beittel 2010, p 60). The government also solicited support from the United States in order to bring the trend to an end. This will assist in curbing all the deals in the United States by the Mexicans. With this happening, a tremendous improvement in reduction of the same has been noted with levels of cocaine in US cities reducing by 24% in 2007 (Beittel 2010, p 63).The government of Mexico has continued to counter threats from drug barons and it is determined to stand firm and contain the situation in the next two years. Critics, unlike the majority who are throwing their weight behind the government are quick to observe that, the drug cartels are not likely to be tamed anytime soon (Beittel 2010, p 64). Many Mexicans are losing their lives in drug cartels dealing n violent free areas thus becoming a worrying trend. Through the International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement (INCLEF), the united sates government has continued to support the law enforcers of Mexico to counter the drug cartels. Finally, other groups are also coming on board to help in curbing the situation (Beittel 2010, p 66).

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