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The article critically looks at the challenges that IT leaders have to overcome in pursuit of their career. The author systematically analyzes these issues from two levels; which are professional and personal. On addition, the author clearly presents admirable goals of an IT leader using several techniques from a human perspective. The technique, which he employed, was from "The Goal" a business classic novel of Goldratt. In his book, he allows his funs to take a journey with him as a new CIO who is experiencing a difficult time in acquiring IT leadership skills at some corporation. These difficulties and hardships make the job to yield a great turn over in the entire business world. This adventure of an IT leader was based on the author's initial experience with numerous company managers as well as companies in pursuit for IT leadership skills.

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The adventure of an IT leaderThe story starts at the time that the company is going through a transformation because of the incoming season. The business at the average company is starting to slow down and for this reason the company is trying to turn around in order to remain in operation. This is a very crucial time for the company and therefore urgent overhaul of things is important. There are many things surrounding the company for instance the fallen stock prices have forced most of the company investors to readjust to the company. Because of the changed business and market atmosphere, a new aggressive CEO is brought into the company and he immediately brings in a team of new managers. For this reason many new transformation takes place. The new leadership team makes some people to loose their jobs like Jim Barton and Bill Daves for minor reasons. The new boss immediately brings in other people whom he thinks are more talented and productive to fill the vacant positions (Austin, Nolan and O'Donnell, 1).It is very interesting that Barton was in a very powerful position though he new nothing about IT. Therefore, he took the challenge and started on a journey of discovering what IT management was all about and what was essential if one was to become an expert. The story in the book was centered on IVK Corporation and several characters are used to clearly bring it out. For example, there is the new CIO by the name Jim Barton who is described as an ambitious and talented manager though he almost knows nothing about IT. Due to his initial status, he has to overcome many challenges in order to bring the desired stability, growth and the necessary company partnerships. Most of the characters that are used in this story, have interesting background and stories for instance the CEO of the company is described as a very impatient ambitious man.

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The story in the entire article seems to revolve around Barton, who is seemingly the main actor. The other characters are used only to help and challenge him in the walk of understanding the concepts behind IT management. For example, Barton meets the kid in a bar who proves to be wiser than his years and for this reason, he serves as a good influencer for him. On addition, Davies serves as a threat to Barton because he tells him that he will not be able to last even for a year because of his shortcomings. He explains that he was sucked because of some struggles in management level communication. Therefore, this threat makes Barton to curiously want to learn about all the skills that he requires in order to successfully maintaining his managerial position at the company (Austin, Nolan and O'Donnell, 53)Another important influential person to Barton is Ruben who careers less of being fired because his working years are almost coming to an end. Therefore, he offers Barton sound advice on how to make decisions and when to make them. These are just some of the main characters who helped Barton in his journey as an IT illiterate person in a managerial IT position. The book gives a story about a hero; who is not so because of what he has done but, who is in his initial step to heroism. Chapter one of the book, give a clear picture on how the office is arranged and the sitting positions of the main actors. The new boss comes with a zeal that moves all the staffs. For instance, Barton summons the new team leaders that were employed by the CEO and this marks the beginning of the journey of self-discovery, which will determine their fate. Throughout the article, Barton is presented with very challenging situations. For instance, he cannot tell what will happen of him, since he is not sure if he will be appreciated for the growth by being promoted or even sacked. This is the reason he clearly explains that it is difficult to tell what can happen in times of crisis because most of the decisions that are reached at are not made transparently. The new CEO came with much force because all that he was busy at was complete restructuring of the firm. Many forced retirements were taking place and firings as well as resignations. This is a very difficult environment for a person that is out to acquire the essential skills in order to keep his job. Because of this Barton is looked at as hero. There were many challenges that he was supposed to overcome in order to make it to the end as a hero (Austin, Nolan and O'Donnell, 32).

In Barton's pursuit for IT management skills there were many things that were to be overcome the impatient, ambitious boss who was firing many people and employing many others. Therefore, the environment does not favor the plans of Barton of learning to be an IT expert but through challenges he emerges to be the hero. For him to make it through this difficult journey with cruel condition he first had to get a clear understanding of the business in operation in order to become an effective and productive IT leader. The initial main characters who are partly described in this paper helped him in this mission of becoming an IT leader. For one to become an enthusiastic IT expert he has to be ready to go into new heights in internet matters. This journey made Barton to learn many important things that will help the future and present generation in becoming competent IT experts.There are many incidents, which are covered, in the entire book with numerous new challenges and situations to overcome in the course of the journey. This is why there are many other characters, which were introduced in the middle of the story in order to gain the desired look. From the story that was presented in the article, it is true that it takes a lot for one to become an IT management leader. For instance, there are many challenges that one has to overcome but the beautiful thing is that ones all this is done there is a victorious end with much success. Barton made many grievous mistakes in this journey through which he learnt to become what he had purposed. Through the story, one is able to get a clear and better understanding of what IT leadership is all about as a way of getting great success in business (Austin, Nolan and O'Donnell, 256).


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