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Violence is the intentional use of excessive physical force against another person or against oneself, which either leads to injury or death of the victim (Geffner, Jaffe, & Sudermann, 2000). Violence is committed when the perpetrator attacks, defends, or detains the victim or oneself depending on the relationship between the two and the location it is done. Martin Scorsese has been a movie maker and director since 1960s, and on the themes, he has consistently used excessive violence as an art of passing information. In his movies, Scorsese maintains a realistic approach of not glorifying the violence but ensures that violence do not overshadow the real consequences of the brutal acts, by clearly depicting that violence comes with a price (Mead, 2011). This makes anyone watching more focused on the character, but not the violent act. With close reference to The "Departed", "Goodfellas", "Casino" and "Mean Streets", Martin Scorsese uses violence in different ways to pass the information.



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The Departed

This is a cop verses a gangster movie, where  DiCaprio plays the role of undercover police officer to infiltrate a notorious gang, with the view of exposing their criminal acts and the gangs ruthless leader Jack Nicholson. Martin uses violence to explain the extent of moral decay in society by the criminal acts performed by the gangs that include killings and intense torture, where good and evil have become the same to the extent that they are inseparable and mutually self-perpetuating-violence levels that can only be controlled by acts of violence (Venture, 2011). A Southie gang member Matt Damon is also sent to infiltrate the cops to study the cops' moves. The role of the two collide hence the cops use violence to contain the acts of the gangs.


Martin Scorsese depicts the level of moral decay and crime committed by mobs in this movie but, live very luxurious lifestyles from their evil earned wealth (Venture, 2011)-very violent, and blood thirst gangs that terrorize the society without fear. This is a gang that kills its own members in the name of punishing those considered as traitors or non loyal members to conceal their criminal activities. Henry Hill became divided between remaining loyal to his mafia family gang in order to survive the bullet or killing all the other mafia members before, so that he can be free to discern the mafia without fear of being killed and finally live a non violent life.

Mean Streats

This is a movie that focused on organized crimes at a street level as expressed by Robert De Niro, which was as a result of the frustrations faced by those who were growing up in Italy. Their life revolved around doing small low level deals that would earn them money, irrespective of the means.  Martin brought to the attention the violence of robbery in the streets to benefit these organized groups and their members. Casino equally depicts crime committed by mob turf.

I agree with the use of violence in the movies because it expresses the highest level of moral decay so that necessary measures can be put in place to curb the crimes in the streets and cities. Violence is used for bad since the law does not allow crimes and violence against another. The law enforcement agencies represented by the cops to investigate the root causes of the street crimes while the criminals are give better jobs to do to discern crime.

Similarities in these movies include; all deal with well organized criminal mobs, using extreme violence to gain possessions and to protect themselves. The acts of violence include robbery, sexual crimes, torture and killing. In addition all the movies points to the level of moral decay in the societies.


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