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These are devices that are used by a terrorist organization to cause mass casualties, great damage to buildings, chaos in the government and the community as a whole. These devices may be spontaneous and their main aim is usually to cause mass panic and lots of media attention to the victims. Thus this paper is going to help us analyze if there are any possibilities that a WMD would occur in the future especially in the US serenity. The U.S is likely to experience a WMD in the future as it is assumed that it would be a state sponsored by a terrorist network that would strike several major targets that would be within a short period of time (Maurer, 2009).

There is also the possibility that the terrorist may strike without the state of being sponsored and thus the U.S has taken the measures of protecting its citizens from missile attacks by other nations, the U.S has set up anti-missile defenses thus in the position of destroying any country that would launch such an attack. The state has also gone to the extent of insuring that the threat is to exist for at least 15 to 20 years as they believe that the terrorist may be coordinating a WMD attack (Terzuolo, 2006). The state also believes that if there was a physical damage thus it would be large but the blasts themselves wouldn't be disastrous to the state as compared to using nuclear weapons, thus the physical damage would be minor compared to the physiological damage.

In summary, there is a possibility of U.S being attacked by a WMD by an organized terrorist network and therefore there is need to defend itself (Katona, Intriligator & Sullivan, 2006). The global community has not set in place any protective measures which are aimed at curbing the eventuality. This has an implication in case of occurrence of the attack, many individuals and organizations will be caught unawares and lead to mass wastage and destruction.


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