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Free «Effects of Media on Teen Eating Disorders» Essay Sample

The media shapes teenagers' eating habits a great deal in today's world. Despite contradictory findings from researches on the issue, it appears that girls are the worst hit. The media influence to a great extent focus teenagers especially girls, as they also pay attention to themselves. The girls are concerned about how they look and pay considerable attention to what they do not like about themselves. This focus is informed mainly by the media perception on what constitutes beauty. In the twenty first- century, media be it a magazine or television, presents thin as being the standard of ideal beauty. The marketing strategies contain messages which equate a thin body size as sexy. Teenagers' observation of diet is a common phenomenon, which to a significant extent determines how an individual feeds.

Media has a way of bombarding teenagers and children alike with ideal and perfect beauty messages. The fact that it uses underweight singers, movie stars and other celebrities to define beauty makes us question the role of media in encouraging Anorexia in teenage girls. Since some of these stars are role models to most teenagers, they will not hesitate to try to look like them. This results in eating disorders because the teenagers want to resemble images they see in televisions, magazines, movies, and songs. On the contrary, beauty changes with time, and were times when fat was beauty. For example, if Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, two healthy and gorgeous ladies, were present today, then fat would be used to define beauty (Lake, Staiger & Glowinski, 2000).


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Weight issues and what the media defines as perfect force, girls practice anorexia and bulimia in an effort to fit in beauty world. As we are aware, the two eating disorders carry along detrimental effects on one's health (Villarosa, 1994). In conclusion, it is necessary to limit teenagers' exposure to the body and image damaging programs in the media. However, healthy bodies and fitness ought to be encouraged.


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