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Staring by his identity, Kerry James Marshall is an artist who was born in Birmingham, a town that is located in Alabama; the south central of Los Angels. James was born as a talented figure in art work. He studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago and there after graduated at the Otis University with a major in arts and design.

James is known for his works of art such as paintings and sculptures of which take the African and American life and history as their subject under consideration. His works to some extend also deal with the civil rights in the domestic life that the environments live. Some of his famous works of art and projects include the garden project which reveals a lot about the poverty the people faced and also the lost boys' series which talks about the boys who have lost in the ghetto, faced with joblessness and also lost in literacy. The two above major books emphasized on the issue poverty, unemployment and struggle.

James uses his variety of lines and paintings to convey his messages. It can thus be concluded that he used his talent to communicate what he felt was right and that the people should know. For instance, one of his painting named voyager was used as a discussion of the race issues in the United States. This was worked on in the early 1990's. It reveals how Africans were subjected to slavery. He uses symbols such as flowers and skulls as a representation of what the Africans went through. The skull lies in the water hinted on the doomed future of the Africans in the United States of America.

Talking of variety, James has designed many sculptures and also paintings and each one of them is designed in its own way with certain information ironically conveyed. Rhythm flows automatically and this is evident through his works of art such that one can be able to interpret the message he passes through his paintings.


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