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Free «Last Rights for Indian Dead» Essay Sample

From the very start of her argument, Harjo uses the ethos-based metaphorical plea; the plea assists audiences to see the dismay of Native American burial violation or exploitation. In her first judgments, Harjo's efforts are to place audiences into her shoes. Harjo, in the thesis, argues that Americans Indians have concerns with the laws that make them the archeological assets of the United States and too little of the kind that defend them from abuse. The writer believes that the only existing law is there only for the ordinary Americans and not American Indians. The American Indians' rights are not protected in this case.

This article is successful by showing evidence of several Cheyenne relatives' skulls in the Smithsonian Institute today. There are also no less than 4,500 other Indian people who were assaulted in the 1800s by the United States Army. These are there for "Indian Crania Study." The dead Indians are further dehumanized by being put in the same place alongside the mastodons and dinosaurs instead of being rested on a sacred place. The author wonders what could be the main motive for the collections.


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The author's arguments are accurate, and the terms have been clearly defined in this argument. The strong evidence presented by the author supports the main points. The texts in the arguments are adequate for the American authorities to consider the concerns of the American Indians. The author presents some sentences, which evokes a strong a feeling. This is when the author says that the American Indians are made the nation's property. In this, there is a feeling that the dead are used for gain of the nation.

The author has observations and questions in this argument that give a suggestion on the way forward. The author suggests that the leading American institutions should lead the way. Harjo also suggests that the American country must respect the fact that the dead American Indians are not artifacts to be sold or bought. The author also urges fellow Americans Indians to rebury their dead and remove the dishonorable past from America's future.


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