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Free «Cultural Misunderstandings» Essay Sample

This essay clearly talks about the long time awful relationship between France and United States of America. The relationship is described as awful because it has never been straight and successful for approximately two centuries down the line. It has been through hardships, mistrust among other vices. This has been evident both at political and individual level. The relationships between these two nations had been close and to some extend rocky.

The two countries are seen as to have created problems which were based on the cultural relationship between them. When carol Raymond deals with cultural misunderstandings, she mainly emphasizes on the technique of cultural analysis. According to her, culture is believed to be the source of moral values. This means that culture does not vary but it evolves. This is seen as so because culture is seen as something from a past, for instance it can be termed as an inheritance from our ancestors. Culture is taken as a belief, it can also be defined as the true quality of an individual that rises from his concern and belief from what is seen as excellent or good. Thus according to this knowledge of culture, it can be concluded that it is an aspect that is taken to have evolved.


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Carroll believes that for anyone interested in cultural analysis, he should have a deep knowledge of his native culture. This is the knowledge of the origin of our ancestors, grandparents and parents. It is from this that we are able to clearly understand our family ties. Having this knowledge we are able to understand our culture well. Carroll goes further to explain herself presenting various cases of cultural misunderstandings that occur regularly between the Americans and the French. For instance, she uses the home aspect where she clearly elaborates that the fact of the openness the Americans have reflects that of its own inhabitants. On the other hand, the invisible barriers that are within the French homes reflects those who are also encountered inside

Then she goes further and points out about the parent-child relationship where he states that the French see their young child as an apprentice. This shows clearly how the French were deeply involved in money making. In cases of minor accidents behavioral differences are marked here. The French and the Americans differed in how they conducted themselves. This also applies to the case of friendship as according to the French, a friend was seen as a simple person. It can be concluded that Carroll wrote this book not necessarily to talk about the relationship between the French and Americans but to clearly bring out the understanding of culture.


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