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Advertisement is one of the forms many business use to pass a message to their prospective market. These advertisements are mainly used by the firms to sell their product. Various studies have been made and have proven that this adverts not only sell that product but have an array of other items they sell some of them being concepts of social values, it sells images and mainly normalcy. By just looking at advertisement many people may get various meaning a thoughts hence it is best they any advertisement company to critically analyze an advertisement before airing it to the public.

By having a case study of an advertisement I will try critically analyze it in order to come up with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the thought moods and feeling the particular advertisement will been able to generate to it views. The selected advertisement is a glossy advertisement on a magazine of Syntha-g. Syntha-g is a protein shake. The product is mainly taken by men though also women take but in small number.



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The advertisement comprises of a lady holding the bottle of the product against her upper body. The photo of the lady only shows her from the neck down to the waist. She is dressed in a black top that shows her cleavage and part of her breasts. The lady seems to be an individual that works out a lot since her body is well tones up. The advertisement has a bottle of the product and a sub head that says grab one and go.

The advertiser's intent of the advertisement is to show that the bottle is easy to carry and has the required ingredients of a normal protein shake and also does not contain the items that many are against an example the Trans fat and aspartame. In addition the advertiser gives the reader the impression that the drink is a to-go drink that one can grab.

The advertisement also brings various cultural and ideological meanings. Some of these ideological meanings are like the use of a lady to advertise the drink. The drink is mainly a masculine drink since it is a drink take by individuals who have an intention of increasing there mass while working out. Therefore the use of a lady to advertise the drink goes long way in bringing out attraction to the specific attraction to the product.

In addition the lady used in the advertisement also have a toned up physics this is used by the advertiser to bring out a impression that the use of the product will result to you having a similar physic. Moreover I the picture the bottle am held by the lady strategically near her upper body. It has been traditionally proven that men are attracted by the breast of ladies by holding this bottle near the breast it will attract men to look at in the cause of looking at the lady's breasts the individual will end up seeing the bottle and reading the advertisement.

Though some of these are culturally noted that some of these ideologies are true the use of these ideologies may be very stereotypic and chauvinistic but most of them work and are very effective. In the advertisement we can also note that the lady on the advertisement is wearing an athletic outfit these depicts that the drink is associated with athletic individuals or individuals involving themselves in activities that are involving and strains.

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The advertiser also makes use of visual rhetoric to pinpoint the particular item that he or she is trying to promote this vector is created by the lady holding out the bottle of drink in front of herself in a very outstanding way this clearly pinpoints the item of advertisement and it removers any ambiguity that may arise in the advertisement.

The advertisement also creates a power relationship in that it gives an impression that the individual who take the product will end up having a body physic similar to that of the individual holding the bottle. This advertisement in away discriminates on gender in that by the use of the breasts of a lady to attract men to view the advertisement in a way is dehumanizing and give that feminine gender a feel as if they are objects of pleasure rather than normal humans. This is even emphasis by the fact that the target market for the product is mainly men.

Though the advertisement can be highly criticized the dominant fact is that the advertisement nails its message and is able to attract its target market and in the long run passing the intended message to the recipient. Care must be highly taken in the point or location of the advertisement it should not be placed on the cover page since it might have a different impression to the reader than if placed in the middle of the book.


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