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Organizational evaluation can offer organizations valuable information about its operations that could help in making the operations better. Organizations should not wait till failure comes so that they can have evaluations. Evaluations when done by outside or neutral party identify areas of improvement.


Organizational evaluation improves organizational management. Operations of organizations are measured in terms of functions, problems and achievements through evaluation. This can help show weak areas in the organization and call for certain improvements in those areas. Evaluation helps to furnish financial data to justify the need for additional funds and resources (Mennen, 2010).

Organizational evaluation becomes detrimental when done for personal achievement and when it brings out wrong results. This can result to a situation where the organization engages in mitigation measures wrongly advised.

Resource based view of internal capabilities complement a SWOT analysis in a certain way. Internal capabilities involve the strengths and weaknesses internal to the organization. They form strength or weakness judging by the impact it has on the objectives of the organization. This might be helpful when carrying out SWOT analysis because it forms a basis that provides an evidence for analysis. It makes a SWOT analysis tangible. For example, when a SWOT analysis incorporates the personnel, finance and capabilities of an organization, the results become valid because the analysis taken place on concrete components (Mennen, 2010).



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The value, rarity, immutability and organization analysis of internal capabilities complement   SWOT analysis.  These factors determine the strengths and weaknesses of an organization that act as a basis of SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis cannot function without these factors. They act as a source of competitive advantage for SWOT analysis, to happen. For example, the capabilities of a firm form a strategy that a company operates. With this strategy, a SWOT analysis can take place because an area of analysis will be present.


Organizational evaluations and SWOT analysis are both important attributes to organizations. They keep check and balances of the organization determining its progress and calling for improvements where needed.


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