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The movies Private SNAFU - Spies, The Enemy Agent & You, and Safeguarding Military Information were produced during the cold war and the second world war in 1943, 1941, and 1960's respectively. These three films demonstrate the importance of protecting state secrets from enemies. Moreover, the three movies regarding intelligence played a main role in the collection and examination of a number of intelligence disciplines.

The movie Spies which contains war-related information is the most noticeable and viewable cartoon video in the string of common catch-phrases of the Warner cartoons period. The movie was produce during the II World War and it explicitly targeted young American military recruits. Moreover, the movie takes a predominant instructional form clearly connected to humour. The movie style which is refined by Warner cartoons makes the story adventurous hence more interesting. Spies provides information regarding the manner in which various U.S government organs intend to represent their actions, mutual authority and awareness deemed important to the war efforts. In addition, various snippet information let slip is also demonstrated in the movie. For instance, one of the military recruits is successfully seduced by a spie woman with a recording device and carrier pigeon. Consequently, Hitler immediately makes use of this vital information and mobilizes the "wolf packs". Basically the movie portrays the important of top secrecy in any military operation.


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On the other hand, the Espionage: The Enemy and You was produced during the cold war when intense espionage activity existed between the U.S and its enemies (People's Republic of China and Soviet Union) especially concerning the secrets of nuclear weapons. The United States emphasized on technical intelligence collection techniques whereas the former Soviet Union gave reference to human sources more than research in open source. Both the military and civilians were key audience targets for this movie and it aimed at educating them on the importance of intelligence secrecy during the war. For instance, both Warsaw Pact and NATO relied on civilian and military agencies.

The movie Safeguarding Military Information -Vintage World War II (1941) emphasizes on the importance of maintaining top secrecy on the part of workers involved in defense activities and military personnel. Moreover, the movie clearly demonstrates the consequences of careless talk by these individuals. Vintage World II was produced to educate the U.S military personnel on the importance of maintaining intelligence secrecy during the war. In the movie, sabotage, ship explosion and other disastrous events occur as a result of thoughtless information revelation to the enemy. The most interesting part of the movie is where a spy collects information by listening to a conversation by use of a large hokey (with hidden microphone).

The events that transpire in these three movies clearly show the importance of intelligence secrecy especially during the cold war and the II World War. The issues of United States transparency, effectiveness, and accountability have taken on increased vitality following several recent failures and threatening global security environment. It is important for every govern to thoroughly educate its civilians and military personnel on the importance of secrecy during wars by use of interesting sources such as movies.


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