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Free «Titanic» Essay Sample

In 1997 James Cameron directed one of the most expensive ever produced at the time. The movie the "Titanic "had a budget of about 200million dollars to make .In 1997 this was the highest amount that was ever spent on a film production. The story was based on the historical sinking of the ocean liner the Titanic in 1909 thus movie was based on an actual historical event. However the film had a factious story line of a love affair between two passages from different social classes. After it was released the movie became a major hit and won 14 academy awards and enjoy the highest box office success glossing over a billion dollars the first in the film industry. The films main characters were Rose from a wealthy family and Jack a young man from a poor background.

The story revolved around three main characters Rose DeWitt Bukater played by Kate Winslet , her fiancée Cal Hockley played by Billy Zane and Jack Dawson played by Leonardo DiCaprio . The film starts as a treasure hunt led by Brock Lovett in the bottom of Atlantic Ocean for a diamond locket called Heart of the Ocean in the sunken historical liner. Instead of finding the locket the treasure hunter crew found a nude sketch of a woman wearing the locket in wreckage. The sketch was dated the same day the historical liner hit the ice bag days before it sunk. When she learns of the sketch an elderly rose contacts the treasure hunter crew. In the film she is the only survivor from the historical liner's sinking tragedy.


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The elderly rose character in the movie was played by Gloria Stuart .Grateful to the crew for finding her sketch she narrates to her historical survivor aboard the titanic. From her narration we learn that when she was young she was a first class passage in the sunken ocean liner titanic travelling with her parent and her fiancé Cal Hockley who was very controlling. By her accounts she narrates how Jack who was a third class passage in the lower decks of the giant ocean saved her life as she was about to commit suicide. Their love affair begins when Jack sneaks to the upper deck of the ship and finds rose about to commit suicide. He saves her and they start a relationship even though she is engaged to Jack and they are from very different social class. They fall in love and a few days later the ocean liner hits an ice bag and sinks .She survives but Jack dies in the tragedy with

The intention of this paper is to analyze rose's character. The story is narrated by Rose her character was played by Kate Winslet in the movie. While the narrator the elderly Rose who actually survived the historical sinking tragedy played Gloria Stuart. The elderly rose takes the viewer through the historical sinking. Though her narration we learn that her relationship with fiancée was not out of love but she was forced by her mother and Cal into the engagement in order to save her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater from a bad financial situation. This portrays the Young Rose as a weak character. Her weak character trait is further reinforced strongly by her attempt to commit suicide. After she meets Jack her character starts taking risk thus portraying traits of a strong character.

This is backed by the fact that she follows her heart and falls in love with jack. She agrees to pose nude for a sketch, Takes risk by hanging dangerous on the ship. The traits also suggests that her character changes from a laid back upper class lady to an adventurous young lady enjoying life .Traits that are supported by the fact that she goes dancing in the lower decks mixing with members of the lower classes. She conducts a steamy love affair with Jack aboard the liner. And she rebels against her fiancée and mother. Throughout the film we are taken through these character trait changes implying that her personality is dynamic (Metz 2004). This makes her personality the most important trait in her character.


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