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Marketing can be costly and of a negative effect to a business if it is done poorly. This is the reason why a strategic and appropriate marketing plan is important for every business. A marketing plan involves a lot of things. It will range from knowing and understanding the market targets, competitiveness in the markets and my tactics so as to ensure I have achieved my targets within the budget and specified time frame. Past marketing decisions should be considered during the plan.

Increasing the consumption of low-fat milk and ‘whole-grain’ carbohydrate sources to reduce consumption of the refined carbohydrates is the main reason for developing this marketing plan. Milk is a highly nutritious product, but low-fat milk is more preferred because it has well-balanced essential nutrients. It is estimated to consist of 100 calories and 2.5g of fats. This is an ideal proportion for any individual. On the other hand, refined carbohydrates lack some important nutrients as compared to the whole-grain carbohydrates. This might cause deficiency of some nutrients.

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Poor feeding habits have resulted to an increasing rate of obesity. Therefore, it is likely that people want to reduce the obesity level. This leads to my main strategy of trying to advise a person, depending on his or her condition, at the individual level rather than collectively. The parents with children aged below 15 years are the preferred audience as they will be able to reduce the level of the diet-related issues in the future.

The product, which is the advice offered to the audience, should be of high quality. It should offer detailed information about the nutrient levels in the ‘whole-grain’ carbohydrates and low-fat milk. This should be compared with refined carbohydrates and whole milk. Each customer should be told about the required levels of each nutrient. The customer also needs to be notified about the impacts of having excessive nutrients or lack of nutrients in the body.

The price of the service should vary from one customer to another. It should neither be very high, such that it would deter the customers, nor so low, such that the organization will not be able to operate effectively and smoothly. The service should be located in a place that is ideal for both the customers and staff. The customers should not strain or struggle to have the services. The product should preferably be taken near residential areas where there are large numbers of people. Promotion should be done in the evenings and afternoons on televisions when people are at home after work or are relaxing after the lunch break. This increases the audience that gets to learn about the products. It can also be done by erecting billboards and using posters. The cost of the whole advertising should be put into consideration so as not ruin the benefits of the organization.

Parents with children might oppose the idea of using low-fat milk since most of them prefer whole milk. This is because whole milk has much better taste than low-fat milk has; hence it is better for toddlers. It also has better source of fats for those who are not overweight. Since the aim is to reduce the obesity level with time, then low-fat milk is a better choice. It might also be difficult for a person to switch from whole milk and refined carbohydrates; hence there could be the opposition. However, this will be countered by teaching the people on how to achieve the gradual change. The rates of obesity and deficiency in the particular region will be evaluated and compared before and after the marketing process. The report generation will be able to confirm the effectiveness of the marketing plan.

With this plan there will be the increased consumption of low-fat milk and ‘whole-grain’ carbohydrates and hence reduction in consumption of refined carbohydrates.


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