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Free «Weight Management» Essay Sample


This article (Getting Started with Health Weight Loss) talks about weight management and highlights tips of weight loss. It has such sections as an introduction, main part presenting key points, and a conclusion. The organization of the article shows that the author was qualified to write on the topic. The format of the article makes the reader get information without struggle. The author also used information from different internet and library sources to write the article. The information provided helps different groups of people. It can be very useful for overweight people. The article also gives nutrition professionals ideas on the diet they can eat or prepare for overweight individuals.


The author began the article with one persuasive introduction sentence. He persuades the reader to read the points. It has five points bringing across different ideas. The first point talks about the process of weight loss. It states that weight loss is not a quick process, but it takes time. The diet to take determines the weight of an individual. There are some diets which can induce weight loss. In the process of weight loss, an individual should change lifestyle, which includes avoidance of certain diets. The second point talks about the need of support in the process of weight loss. Individual can seek support from family, support group or friends. The support is necessary because in cheering, an individual gets encouragement and fails to stop. When one practices without cheering, he/she can give up before achieving the main goal. The third point explains the process. The process of weight loss is not quick, and individual should not aim at losing many pounds in a day. One should try to lose at least one pound per day. Losing a lot of weight quickly can bring about body disorders.


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The forth point talks about setting goals. When setting goals, an individual feels motivated after attaining the set goals. During weight loss practice, an individual should set goals of losing some pounds in a given time. This will help in the evaluation of the process and keep the person motivated. The last point talks about tracking the progress. Individuals should use facilities like weighing machine and journals. An individual should weigh himself regularly to ensure that there is progress. The tools help in evaluation of the process. This can help in changing the programs if there are no results. The article ends with a conclusion which advices people to stick to one diet to ensure weight loss and maintenance of the required weight in the future. People should keep on trying diets until they find the one which works.

The Author and Application of the Article

The author was qualified to write on the topic. He organized the article presenting key points which makes the reader easy understand it. Such a structure also encourages the reader to keep interest because of the boldness of the points. The author highlighted five main points with different ideas and concluded the work with personal ideas. The organization and information in the article shows that the author was qualified to write about the topic. He used different sources to write the article. He could not have written the article with his own ideas or thoughts.

The article was published in order to help people in the process of weight loss. It is relevant to the people interested in losing weight, because they can get tips how to lose weight. It can also be used as an academic source. Students in the department of nutrition can use this piece of writing as a source. Nutrition professionals will like the article, because it creates awareness to the people about the risks caused by some diets.


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