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A nonprofit agency seeking grant in aid of funding will need a potential leadership style. The main goal of the organizations is to achieve the objective. Visionary leadership style will help in this project. The leader will apply the work with imagination, boldness and insight in order to achieve the objective. The leader will involve social innovation to the project and bring together the workers.

In case of staffing a new office by a new financial institution, affiliative leadership will assist. Affiliative leaders will ensure that the office is well equipped and works are certified. These leaders are concerned with employee’s welfare than leaching goals. The leader will be concerned with establishment of office and welfare of new employees. The leaders will ensure that, they keep employees happy with harmonious working environment. The leader will build a strong relationship with the newly employed employees making sure that, they create sense of loyalty. Newly employed worker will feel honored and work hard to ensure institutions success.

In case of assessment of the need to add more traffic lights in a busy road to prevent accident, the project will need coaching leadership style. The leader with coaching style enables the organization to succeed in the project, because they offer assistance to the workers. Coaching leaders will enable the workers to determine the effectiveness of adding more traffic lights. The leaders will also help the workers to know the importance of traffic lights which will enable them to worker cooperate.

Through application of those leadership styles, the leaders will know their task for the project to succeed. Knowledge of the challenges and technical issues facing the project is mandatory to the leader. The project leader will treat the team members with respect in order for them to be productive. Professional work and experience we have made the company to choose us. The project leader can provide reward because he believes in our experience.


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