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Free «Savings» Essay Sample

Saving is a rewarding habit. It is not easy and requires a lot of sacrifices. Starting small and building your savings overtime is a good step towards reaching one’s goals. Most young people associate retirement with growing old hence rarely do they think about it. Long term saving is not in their minds as they think they need money to buy what they want at the moment.

These are different factors that determine how much one gets in retirement, and for how long will he or she benefit. The data, received by calculation, shows that the age in which one retires greatly affects the future benefits. For instance, if two people start saving money at the same age (25 years old), and retire at different times, at the age of 55 years and 65 years respectively, one benefits more than the other. If one retires at an early age, he is likely going to receive little benefits. In addition, the more money has been saved the more amounts one gets. Comparing different investment returns we find out that the more capital is invested the more benefits are likely to be.

Some companies offer retirement saving plan to their employees thus it is important to find out if a person is entitled to any plan by the employer. In case of self employment, the best option is to start saving as soon as possible as nobody can predate his or her future.

Saving for retirement is very important. Most people would like to maintain or even improve their living standards after retiring. Retirement benefits would play a very important role in uplifting their living standards. In addition, one needs to remember that the advancement in medicine and technology are making people live much longer after retiring. Saving for retirement will enable them to live a comfortable life without the worry of searching new income sources.


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