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The construction company selected is ‘City Construction Company’ and it is engaged in small scale construction of commercial properties.  There are many rules and regulations that should be followed by the ‘City Construction Company’ in order to do their business.

Four Laws Chosen

These laws are chosed according to the Selected Local laws, NYC Buildings

1) Local Law 49 of 2010 – This law states that, environmental concerns have to be taken care as a guiding principle.

2) Local Law 17 of 2010 – This law states that there will  be civil penalties for unlicensed fire supression work and plumbing work.

3) Local Law 5 of 2010 – This law states the materials & products, construction & design techniques, environmentally beneficial technologies in relation to the streamlining approvals

4) Local Law 41 of 2011 – This law states the enhanced site-specific safety plans.

Laws to be followed by  City Construction Company

First and foremost is to obtain the necessary licenses that are required to get the business started. You might have to show the necessary documents and in some cases pass couple of exams to get this license acquired. Starting a business without proper license is not a good idea as there is always a chance to get penalised.  If the company decides to take up electric and plumbic works as well along with construction, necessary licensing requirements for these tasks should also be acquired from the Government. Based on Local Law 45 of 2011, the business can get license.



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According to Tutuja, Building permits will also need to be taken for construction of any property that the company have taken up. It is in the best interest of the company to verify the owner of the property possess the necessary titles and documents of the property as per the property law to make sure that the company do not face any problems later on.

Based on Local Law 41 of 2011, there are certain safety codes and regulations that need to be followed strictly in order to prevent any calamities from happening during the construction (Tulsian, 2000). If the company fails to follow these laws, the company will be held liable for any damage or accident that happens to anything or anyone during the construction phase. There are also certain specific laws depending on which state the company is operating from, that specifies floor area ratio and floor space index that needs to be followed in the construction based on Local Law 5 of 2010. 

Based on Local Law 49 of 2010, If the construction involves the use of explosives for breaking the existing structure, separate license for the usage of explosives need to be taken as well (Tulsian, 2000). Also certain specific types of construction for example, reconstruction of historic structures or driveways connecting to public road, etc. may require additional permits to be taken from the government, in this case the company should follow Local Law 5 of 2010. Building of tall buildings above a certain height also mandates special permission to be taken from the necessary authorities.

The plan of the construction needs to be approved by the local government authorities for any type of construction and such approval will be issued only after they verify the site of construction and also studying the plan in to make sure all the safety codes including fire safety and building laws have been followed as said in Local Law 49 of 2010.

There are laws to be followed depending on the place of construction regarding how much space needs to be kept from adjacent buildings, roads, etc. All of these will be verified strictly before the necessary approval will be issued and the construction can be started only after getting this approval (Tulsian, 2000).

Any construction also involves a contractual agreement between the company and the client that specifies the time, cost, plan, etc. of the construction. The company is expected to adhere to the contractual agreement, failure of which for reasons not mentioned in the contract will result the company in paying penalties to the client.  


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