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Should Internet purchases be taxed?

A bill that was designed to collect a sales tax for certain online shoppers has been signed into a law by Gov. Pat Quinn. The law took effect immediately it was signed by the governor. The state offered a sales tax amnesty. More comprehensive line and worksheet on state revenue tax return forms have been formulated to get taxpayers to pay the sales tax they owe on telephone, catalog, or online items in which the dealer did not asses sales taxes. Marketplace Fairness act grants the state the power to make online and catalog retailers to put together sales tax at the time of the transaction.  States are barely awarded this power after they have simplified their sales tax.

How do we manage effectively in a virtual environment?

To manage effectively in a virtual environment, there are certain factors to be implemented. Communication is essential in this type of management. Frequency of communication including leader’s responsiveness to questions and problems is central to effective communication. Also, Personal Attributes and Trust Building is vital. This entails open mindedness, Interest in and sensitivity towards other cultures, ability to deal with complexity, flexibility, resilience, optimism and honesty. The increased distance between team members and the manger gives rise to a host of hot issues. There is lack of physical interaction, loss of face to face synergies and lack of social interaction.

How do we protect content and intellectual property rights?

To protect intellectual property rights, entails getting the right type of protection which depends on what one has created. Firstly, you can patent a product and register its name as a trademark.  You can also copyright your intellectual property to prevent infringement. To encourage ethical behavior on the web, honesty should be our priority I.e advertisement posted should always reflect reality. Also code of ethics should be created to address sensitive ethical issues. There are a variety of websites that enable illegal file sharing on the internet like This is an example of unethical web-based behavior.

How can we determine Target Market and Market Segment

The target market encompasses groups of people or organizations for whom the business intends to implement its marketing strategies. The business then partitions the target market into groups of consumer and sellers with characteristics, distinct needs or behaviors. The groups are identified as market segments. There are customers who prefer to shop online and others who do not. This facilitates separation of these customers as either online or non-online customers. These therefore categorize the two into separate Market segments. 


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