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GNC maintains to hold  marvelous pinnacle and foundation line expansion as the corporation is winning benefit of a marketplace foremost spot in the rapidly rising dietary supplements business.   Over the past couple of years, the management team has repositioned GNC as a growth and brand focused company, which has laid a foundation for a multi-year payback.

The company has a diversified business model, multiple growth levers, and  hence many ways to win.

Current Strategy Analysis

At the moment, GNC is the most important worldwide vendor of fitness and wellness supplements and is transforming  into an extremely appreciated universal product.  The retail blend consists of minerals, herbal supplements, vitamins, diet items, sports nourishment, and diet supplements circulated through a diverse channel business strategy.  GNC is perpendicularly incorporated as the processes include of buying  unprocessed  supplies, producing  items, and distributing the completed supplements.  The functioning sections consist of  selling, franchising, and  producing or wholesaling. 



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GNC functions in the forte retail business and will be excelled by developments in trade, fitness, and altering demographics.  GNC is matched up to corporations of comparative size with comparable drivers of potential prosperity as well as direct rivals and noteworthy expert business corporations.  GNC’s rivals  include

  • Vitamin Shoppe (VSI)
  • American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) 
  • Sally Beauty Holdings  (SBH)
  • Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance  (ULTA)
  • Fresh Market (TFM)
  • Under Amour (UA)
  • Herbalife (HFL) 
  • Nu Skin Enterprises (NUS) 


Reflecting on DCF and Comps analysis, the price target of GNC is $36.61.  At the present marketplace price, GNC is minimized by 11.56%.  GNC is in the accurate division at the precise point and is capitalizing for potential expansion.  Led by a tough executive panel and positive macro surroundings, GNC will execute superiorly than the market anticipates.  GNC is procurement for each and every UOIG portfolios.


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