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Increasing job performance is an important key component for an organization's success. While finding ways to enhance job performance is critical for every organization, finding effective ways to do so is a challenge. This section reviews factors that influence job performance, such as personality and work experience, as well as predictors of job performance, such as emotional/cognitive intelligence and organizational commitment. Understanding these two important aspects of job performance are essential for a decision maker in order to improve and maintain job performance in an organization.­­­

Factors that influences job performance


Personality is one of the significant factors that affects job performance.  The study done by David V. Day and Stanley B. Silverman, concluded that job performance is increased when personality variables carefully matched with the appropriate occupation and organization.  They came up with this conclusion by examining how three personality scales (orientation towards work; degree of ascendancy; and degree and quality of interpersonal orientation) are related to work performance.  Their finding reveals that each scale leads to some specific personal traits.  Those individuals with high scores on work orientation scale tend to attempt and accomplish difficult tasks, to work long hours, and to maintain a serious attitude towards work.  On the other hand, those scoring high in ascendancy tend to influence and control other people and not to be very humble or self-critical.  As for those who scores high on interpersonal scale, they tend to be friendly and sociable.  These results are very  As the result of the research shows, each personality has different effects on job performance.  Thus, understanding your own personality and finding the appropriate occupation and organization where your personality fits into is a key to enhance your work performance.



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Work experience

The relationship between work experience and job performance has been emphasized by many researchers over years.  Nevertheless, past studies ended up with not being able to successfully address the effect of work experience on job performance due to the lack of consistency regarding the definition and measurement of the work experience.  The present study, however, successfully proved that work experience does have strong effects on job performance using two dimensions: measurement mode and level of specificity to measure work experience and these effects on job performance.  it is often asked and reviewed at personal job interviews.  The results of the meta-analyses revealed that the relationship between work experience and job performance was positive regardless of the work experience measure used.  The present study used  Measure  

Predictors of job performance  

Emotional Intelligence   

Emotional intelligence is an important factor that predict job performance.  Emotional intelligence is defined as a set of abilities that includes the abilities to perceive emotions in the self and in others, use emotions to facilitate performance, understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and regulate emotions in the self and in others (Mayer and Salovey, 1997).  The research done by Stéphane Côté and Christopher T. H. Miners revealed that individuals with high emotional intelligence can perform effectively at workplace.   

Attracting and retaining the smartest people will be a huge asset for organizations, because cognitive intelligence allows employees to perform effectively and efficiently at workplace.    is believeHowever, the present research suggests that According to past research on relationship between emotional intelligence and job performance, some

Affective Organizational Commitment

Affective organizational commitment is not a major predictor of job performance, yet it is still critical factor that predicts job performance. 


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