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Brief descriptions of the university, its position on the market and goals for the future have been provided at the previous stages of the research. University of Sharjah is one of the best universities ranked over the world. A none-profit national university placed in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It offers the largest number of accredited programs in the region and consist of thirteen different colleges. These colleges are College of Sciences, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Sharia & Islamic Studies, College for Business Administration & Health Sciences, College of Fine Arts and Design, College of Law, College of Engineering, College of Communication, College Pharmacy and Community, College of Dentistry, College of Medicine. University of sharjah has high ambition to become a leading academic institution between the Middle East countries and the whole world. It can be called as the strategic goal of the organization. The task of this paper is to define whether this goal can be achieved, taking into account competitive advantages of the university and external conditions. Special attention is going to be paid to the college of business administration, their current strategy, vision, mission, goals, internal strength and weaknesses and external forces that create the position of the college.



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Therefore, the University and the college in particular have quite strong positions on the local market of education. It is possible to call this area a market since education has become a profitable business. There are a lot of reasons to call education a business. Some of them are provided in the following observation. Education has become a business since the number of educational institutions, which are open to provide education, has increased. Moreover, the ongoing process of privatization of schools and institutes fostered the shift in these institutions toward the business setting. At the same time, both quality and stand due to more institutes suffer from lack in high quality teaching staff. Teachers started dedicating themselves to those students only, who understand the learning materials by themselves; thus, omitting those, who are weak in learning (Sharma).

Any business is characterized with some degree of competition, especially in the modern conditions. In order to beat this competition and hold positions on the market, any organization has to develop constantly. It means that an organization has to know its strong and weak sides. In order to define these sides external and internal forces, analysis of the organization should be conducted. One of the most appropriate instruments that define and analyze the external and internal factors, which influence the organization’s performance, is the SWOT analysis. One of the most appropriate definitions of this term assumes the following features. SWOT Analysis belongs to one of the renowned tools for analysing of the strategic position of certain business on the market place, including the environment. The key aim of the analysis is identify the possible strategies, which would allow the company to align both capabilities and resourcesin nline with the requirements of the surrounding environment, where the company operates. Furthermore, it serves as the foundation for measuring the potential and restrictions and the probable downsides, both in the external and internal environment (SWOT Analysis).

Simply speaking, SWOT analysis is a strategic management instrument that defines all the external and internal factors that influence an organization. Defining opportunities and threats for an organization, SWOT analysis proposes the different potential ways of development for an organization. SWOT analysis for the organization under consideration is provided in the following table.


Powerful current positions on the market of education, in the local area. It means that the university has a good foundation for further development;

Financial stability and financial support for the university. The country is rich and is not reluctant to support education;

A high average intellectual level of students that study at the university.


Growing competition from the other universities from the region and the whole world, in general;

The students may look for opportunities in the other countries. As a result, the university is going to lose its intellectual potential;

The local government may stop financial support of the university.


The university still relies on methodology and achievements of the world’s education. It makes it dependent. The university should pay more attention to the development of own academic basis;

Mainly local students study at the university. As a result, it cannot call itself a global university, what is highly crucial in the conditions of globalization;



The college should attract students from the foreign countries. It will give it a global character, what is a significant competitive advantage;

University should cooperate with universities from the other developed countries in order to share achievements and experience;

The college is going to learn how to earn financial resources independently. Financial independence is highly crucial in the conditions of the global financial crisis.

Some of the above mentioned factors feature the following details. One of the biggest strength of the college is high intellectual level of the students. In spring 2012, the university had an enrollment of 10,833 students. Out of the total number of students enrolled 5,2 thousand (48.3 %) are Emirati citizens, whereas 3,6 thousand (33.3%) come from other Arab countries. One thousand (9.6 %) are students from GCC member-states, and 935 students (8.63%) are students from other countries. All these students are holders of high school certificates, with a minimum average of 60%, and a score of 500 on paper-based TOEF or 61 on IBT or 5.0 on IELTS exam otherwise they be improving their language in English courses until they will be capable to reach the required score.

Students and their intellect are the driving factor of development of the university. In fact, they are the product of educational production. In this context, the college can be called truly competitive. However, some weakness is considered with this factor. The college specializes in the local students mainly. The college should attract also foreign students. It will improve the image and give a global character to the college.

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Another important strength of the college is strong financial positions. College also receives financial and other forms of support from the local authorities. However, the college should get financial independence since it may become difficult for the local government to finance education in the circumstances of the global financial crisis. Also, the college should develop its own academic and educational basis. Relying on the foreign samples assumes loosing of national identification and independence.

New goals and new mission

Therefore, brief description of the college, external and internal factors that influence its performance have been provided. The task of the final stage of the research is to propose possible new mission and goals of the college, taking into account the results of the previous analysis. The main factors that have been defined are the following:

The college should get a global character in the nearest future. It should attract the foreign students and cooperate with the foreign universities. It is an essential factor in the conditions of globalization.

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The college should become financially independent. Relying on financial support of the head university and the government is a negative way. Increasing profits are possible in the conditions of increasing quality of education.

Finally, the college should develop its own educational and academic methodology and basis, which would combine national and global achievements. It will give identification to the college and increase its value on the global market of education.

Taking into account all the mentioned factors, we may formulate new mission of the college. The college should become one of the global leaders on the market of education. It should provide the highest educational standards for students for the purpose of increasing well-being of the country and the whole world, in general. The highest value for the college should be students and their educational potential.


There are a few things that we have learned from this research. First of all, education can be called a business nowadays. There is some degree of competition on the educational market. As a result, any university should increase its educational standards to beat the competition.

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Second, the modern world is globalized. Respectively, education should also have such character. It is useful to cooperate with the foreign students and universities and share experience. A synergetic effect is achieved in such way. Also, the college will be able to attract more foreign students. It will be an additional flow of income for the college, what is highly crucial in the modern conditions.

Finally, we found out that education and knowledge are probably the most powerful competitive advantage nowadays for a person and a country. That is why both a person and a country should pay a lot of attention to educational development and growth. It is going to make us competitive on a global market of a human capital. Knowledge and education are the key to success.



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