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One of the tangible benefits of the mission statements is helping to increase the client base in the company. According to the mission statement, the main aim is to respond quickly to the customers issues while providing quality services. This is lead to increasing the number of clients in the company due to instance response and high quality. Secondly, the mission statement is going to help in increase the profitable levels of the company. In this case, the profitable levels are going to increase due to the increasing customer base the mission statement is helping to achieve. Finally, the mission statement helps in reducing delays and poor quality clearance. This is because it is helping the management to focus on the main goal of the company.

On the contrary, the mission statement has intangible benefits. First, the mission statement helps in improving the motivation of employees. This is because the employees know what the company expects of them. Secondly, the mission statement helps to improve efficiency in decision making. According to the mission statement, the main aim is provision of quality services instantly. For this reason, the management is going to make decisions efficiently because the mission statement acts as a guideline. Thirdly, the mission statement helps in proper time management. The main aim of the company is providing quick response to client’s queries. In this case, the mission statement is reminding the employees about their expectations towards their duties. Finally, the mission statement is helping the company to concentrate on the main goals of the companies. This is because the mission statement is making sure that the company is not deviating from the main goals of the company. The company will operate in respect of the set goals with evaluations to ensure progress and success.

Buy Tangible and Intangible Benefits essay paper online

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