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Communication is important in management as the basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling and directing relies much on communication. Business communication involves constant flow of a lot of information and more so feedback is an important part of  business communication. Business communication is goal-oriented. The rules, regulations and policies of a company have to be communicated to people within and outside the organization.

Analysis of data is whereby data which is raw is organized, put in an ordely form that can be used in extraction of useful information.This organizing is important key to understanding which data is useful and that which is not.Approaching data analysis has different forms and this makes it easy to know how to manipulate the data to arrive at meaningful conclusions in regard to the agenda of the analysis.

Mostly data analysis can be organized into charts, graphs and textual write ups.

By 20th century, the U.S population of the minority was 13% this comprised of Latinas, Asians; has become very evident that with this culturally rich U.S country many occupations aren’t embracing minorities to work for them. For example, the allied health profession, the minority do not receive health care as white counterparts. This is evident from a study by the institute of medicine. This poses a problem because by increasing the number of minority healthcare workforce, the underserved population would be able to receive health care as some patients are comfortable discussing issues of health care with people of the same background. In an attempt to improve diversity in the health care, American physical therapy association has embraced cultural diversity in its goal, mission and vision. Even their member ship is diverse with 65% being women. This is in the ration of white women-51%, asian-4%, Hispanic-2.5%, African-american-6.3%; American Indians-1.2.this is depicted in the pie chart shown.



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In 2011 women were 51.4% in management and professional positions. This varied among different races as depicted in the chart. Others were-88.1%, african-american 5.3%, asian-2.7% and latinas-3.9%


With the availability of vacancies from different occupations, focus need to be shifted also to the minority as most of them are educated and capable of delivering when given the opportunity.

In conclusion, there much emphasis to have a culturally diverse working population in certain occupations like healthcare in America. Many professional organizations are fighting the war of underrepresentation of minorities in certain occupations such as health care, engineering.


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