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Water desalinization is one of the new important technologies in the current world in regard to saving environment. However, the current technology does not meet the modest needs of worldwide standards. Thus, whoever implements it correctly will provide the world with a rather significant innovation. The Earth is called the Blue planet because of the abundance of water that comprises its oceans and seas. The problem is that only 3 per cent of this water is fit for human consumption. Moreover, less than 1 per cent of this suitable water is accessible. Therefore, for scientists and entrepreneurs, the development of a cost-efficient means of desalinizing sea water has been an important undertaking for decades.

Currently desalinization is achieved by two primary methods: heating salt water until it evaporates and then collecting the resultant fresh water; or by means of reverse osmosis, in which salt water is forced through a membrane at high pressure, resulting in the collection of desalinated water. The problem is that both processes are extremely labor and energy intensive. Thus, this renders them excessively expensive for any practical application. Additionally, both methods require a significant amount of energy, usually in the form of fossil fuels, which is hardly a sustainable proposition.

Oasys Water, an entrepreneurial technology company, has found an innovative way to desalinize water without the high energy consumption or even burning of fossil fuels. The application is a perfect opportunity for large metropolises such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, and certainly for the drought torn regions of Africa. The company has developed a methodology that is 25 times faster than reverse osmosis. It utilizes sustainable energy sources, like solar power. Even if fossil fuels were used, the amount of energy necessary would be negligible compared to the current processes. The company plans to start a large scale commercial application in the nearest future. Hopefully, they have taken a giant step in implementing this idea properly.


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