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The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is the rise of temperature on the Earth’s surface as a result of thermal energy. The thermal energy appears in the atmosphere due to the heating gases. The main gases that lead to the greenhouse effect on Earth are water vapor, methane and carbon dioxide. The analyzed phenomenon keeps the Earth's surface temperature at the level which allows the emergence and development of life. If there was no longer a greenhouse effect on our planet, the average temperature of the Earth would be much lower than it is now. It also means that all of the light would be returned back into space. However, with increasing concentration of greenhouse gases increases impermeability of the atmosphere for the infrared radiation, which leads to the rise of temperature on the Earth.

The human activity is the main cause of the increase of the greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation has greatly enhanced the greenhouse effect in the nature. These actions play a significant role in making an impact on the nature. It is leading to the global warming. The destruction of the native greenhouse effect leads to the change in the frequency and intensity of rainfall, increase of the sea level and melting glaciers. It also poses a threat to ecosystems and biodiversity. Climate change would increase risks to human health, especially of the poor. It also would lead to the lack of water and food. Thus, the reduction of food production will inevitably lead to malnutrition and starvation. Abnormally high temperatures can lead to an exacerbation of cardiovascular, respiratory and other diseases. One of the ways to reduce the imbalance in the greenhouse effect is to reduce human activity like deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. These processes could be replaced by the development of the alternative sources of energy.

The greenhouse effect is a significant issue for the modern society to solve. People should do something about this, or it could lead to more serious environmental consequences like global warming or ozone depletion.


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