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Free «Focusing On Nature Improvement and Rebalancing» Essay Sample

In the recent past, there have been tremendous changes on the environment, which have occurred because of human activities. These changes have affected all kinds of living organisms and human beings have turned their attention to the eradication or rather minimization of these effects. The major issues that have affected human life are transportation problems, starvation due to persistent food insecurity, fluctuation in energy cost, and harm environment. The sustainable community is doing all the possible endeavors to eradicate these issues, and it has developed mechanisms to curb these calamities by planning, building and growing their own food. One of the core objectives for several sustainable communities is to have maximum care for this planet earth as well as providing sufficient protection. This paper focuses on air protection, water protection, and improving the environment through increasing plants diversities on this planet earth.

To achieve this objective, I have systematized my paper into three major sections. The first section will focus on air protection, the second section on water protection and the third section on environment improvement through diversifying the plants community.



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Among the many natural resources, air is the one of the most essential resource that is required for sustenance of a healthy life. In the past one century, this resource has undergone continuous pollution because of some of the inevitable human activities. Therefore, the modern world atmosphere is very different from the natural atmosphere that existed during the early times of the industrial revolution. The common cause of this phenomenon is the release of chemical gases from industries and machineries that are in each day-to-day use such as vehicles. However, to minimize this phenomenon, there are several techniques to consider. Removing the pollutants from any material before using it could be of great importance (Landgrebe). These substances come together with the materials that are beneficial to human beings and other living organisms. As the emissions from industries are a major cause of air pollution, researchers are striving to seek some alternative source of energy that will bring down the use of fuels. These fuels are the core producers of intoxicated gases to the atmosphere. However, this does not mean that there will be absolute elimination of fossil fuels usage. Moreover, recycling of materials is another approach that helps to save energy hence brings down the pollutants released during manufacturing (Sandhyarani). The need of a substance is what pushes manufacturers to produce more products to satisfy customer needs while they are making money from it.


Water is the core supporter of all forms of life. Over the past few years, there has been increasing attentiveness of, and concern about, how water pollution is happening all over the world. However, there is implementation of new approaches towards achieving sustainable utilization of water resources (O%u201FConnor). Therefore, a lot of attention to ensure that its abundance is maintained at all times this necessity needs. There are various ways to protect water. Basing on the experience, treating water is much more expensive than applying measures that prevent this pollution from occurring (Christopher and Barrow). Therefore, considering this statement, we find that water protection will not only solve the issue of pollution but also the issue of capital saving. Above that, implementation of some principles such as the polluter-pays-principle, would serve to strengthen the issue of water protection. This is where the cost of preventing pollution, control and reduction are borne by the polluter . This would send a warning to those who like doing things for fun hence serve to protect water.

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Various facilities and conditions help to the environment. Plants being among them have played a vital role in the improvement of the immediate environment. Plants ingest carbon dioxide, which is a waste product from animals and then produce oxygen in return that is essential for human beings and animals. Due to the high amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is crucial to have plants on land and in water to assist in eradication of some of this gas. Different types of plants have varying rates of gas consumption. Therefore, diverse plant varieties help to solve the situation. In addition, through the process of photosynthesis, plants transpire hence releasing excess water in the atmosphere in the form of water vapor. This vapor rises to form clouds, which later fall back on the earth surface in the form of rain. If we achieve this, rate of starvation on many regions of planet, earth reduces by a greater percentage.

In conclusion, the above arguments reveal the necessity of sustained protection of air, water, and the environment. Therefore, everybody should embrace the role played by each of the natural necessities that God has given us.


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