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Free «Save the Planet» Essay Sample

We, humans, are part and parcel of the planet and we have to do our outmost to save our doubly precious environment. Thus, the pivotal question which is on the agenda today is how to do that? For over the years people have been into deep water turning to alternative sources of energy. But, to be honest, their attempts turn in vain. Nobody really have a clue about how to use it properly.

It doesn’t take the biscuit that we are damaging our planet. The world is in hot water right now. We are running out of fossil fuels and hardly anyone is able to come up with something safe and equally effective. As time wears on, the world is recovering and although we can't see the real results yet, an extremely massive problem that cannot be reversed is coming in no time.

Surprising though it may seem, everybody is getting indifferent to this situation, even the heart of government is not pounding in anticipation any more. It seems to be water off a duck’s back. People are used to not seeing the wood for the trees. They would rather take care of their job and themselves than the one of nature. They are building the castle in the air, having no good clue about the fact that our world can wear off one day and there wouldn’t be any place left for them to make theirs dreams come true. To my mind, it sounds creepy. It seems to me that there is nobody around to turn over to environmental problem, able to turn around the situation of water that is drying up or the animals that are constantly dying out.

To let all these go its way is definitely not safe and dry. If only every person in this world leaves no stone unturned in order to save the world they live in, things would be different. This is a vital issue to speculate. It was not my aim to make somebody’s blood run cold, that’s just the true story of our life. Everything that happens in our environment is not a haphazard process. That is why we must never lose sight of awareness and must keep in mind that we are humans in this world and our role is to cherish it.


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