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Free «Energy from Municipal Solid Waste» Essay Sample

Are there ways of ensuring regular, affordable but environmentally friendly source of energy? Energy production is an important practice for the successful running of communities, cities and countries. With the advancing use of technology and other forms of machinery the world over, the use of various forms of energy (power) to run machinery for both domestic and industrial purposes is inevitable. But one critical situation that seems to be developing very fast is the seemingly expensive cost of energy for domestic and industrial use. Studies have however showed that energy would generally be expensive when demand for the product is higher than supply can meet. This means that one important problem that the United States must be seeking to tackle if it does not want to deal with high cost of energy is to look critically at the making of the availability of energy abundant. To do this, sources of energy must be diverse and easy to come by. It is also important that the cost of production of these energies become highly economical. This is because even if the source and supply of energy is abundant but its cost of production is high, chances are that the consumer would have to buy the energy at higher price. More to the issue of availability is the issue of environmental protection in the quest of supplying uninterrupted and affordable sources of energy. Indeed, energy sources that are produced with consequential effects on the environment are as hollow as they were not produced at all. This is because the situation creates a typical scenario of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’. In recent times, research among environmentalist, energy engineers and some mechanical engineers have pointed to the use of municipal solid waste as a highly economical and environmental source of energy if the energy in these can be well utilised.


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