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The threat of global warming is both real and imaginary depending on proof that can be found. Researchers and scientists have diverse views on the issue. The changes and global issues such as climate change, massive glaciers, famines, overpopulation, pollution, mass starvation, global cooling, mass deaths, food shifting production areas, scarcity of fossil fuel, and the increase of uninhabitable regions in the world, are thought to be a result of global warming. Over the past years, these changes have been used to illustrate the threat of global warming.

The predictions that were done before the 20th century have not yet materialized. For example, it was alleged that if men had not stopped using the fossil fuels, a variety of horrible things would have taken place. As one can see, people did not stop using the fuels and many of the dreaded things have not happened. Indeed, the predictions were done, but they were disputed because of the time lines that were given (Sorokhtin, 2007). Sensationalism is what came to be the notation of the predictions. It suggests that the changes should happen because of realities occurring in life. For example, with the increase in population, it is obvious that the food supply will decrease if no intervention is taken in time.



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The climatic changes around the world are also attributed to the global warming. Unfortunately, scarce research can be found into the nature of climatic changes. This situation has led to the composition of theories on the current global warming trends. The theories try to explain, firstly, the happenings that followed the warming process between 1975 and 1998. Secondly, there is a theory that deals with the correlated data that has been documented over a considerable period of time. One of the major concerns that these theories deal with is the temperatures of the world have increased by a few degrees over the past century. In addition, the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is a result of the green house effect has soared. This has taken place due to the industrial progress which badly affects the atmosphere.

It is a known fact that greenhouse gases are released from the fossil fuel that is burnt, as well as from the land. This usage has led to the increase in temperature. Moreover, the solar wind and sun’s magnetic field modulate high amounts of energy received on the earth. This affects the water vapor amounts and low altitude cloud cover that is in the atmosphere. This, in effect, regulates the climate. Interestingly, the Carbon 14 formed from cosmic radiation is the best known isotope, used by archeologists to date their biological artifacts. Therefore, one may conclude that the change in the C14 concentrations of the atmosphere is linked to the changes of the solar activity. It means that the production of C14 is low when the solar activity is high. This happens because of solar wind being shielded from the cosmic rays. The C14 concentration has been upturned to correlate to the historical stories of climate measures of the last century. This is evidenced by the few sunspots that were witnessed on the sun around 1645-1715. The drop of C14 is caused by the Suess effect. This results in the burning of fossil fuels in the 20th century (Pringle, 2001). This effect was further exacerbated by the production of C14 during the cold war, when the nuclear bomb was produced. The ratio of C14 to other Carbon isotopes has been polluted by Carbon released from the fossil fuels burnt after 1900.. This variation of the C14 is a clear indicator that cosmic radiation is not reliable after the beginning of industrialization. The Beryllium-10 does not suffer from the effect, which provides a clear picture of cosmic radiation variations in the 20th century.

Research further indicates the change in temperature of Earth’s climate. The climate is changing rapidly, while the Earth is warming up. This has been attributed to human activities. Specifically, the global warming increase has led to the decrease in habitats and species; therefore, the adaptation of the ecosystem has diminished. The climate change is one of the greatest threats to the planet. For example, it has led to extreme weather patterns and the increase of temperatures in different regions. Fossil fuels produce air pollutants that make the clouds reflect the sunrays more in the space. This is what leads to global warming, where less energy and heat reaches the earth.

It is believed that the same issue has caused the happenings of the recent past. To specify, the climatic problems have led to global dimming. This caused droughts in Ethiopia where millions of people died in the 70s and 80s. The rain did not form because of the northern hemisphere not being warm enough. Cleaning of the global dimming and tackling the issue of greenhouse gas emissions is the solution to the problem. Predictably, this will help reduce the number of ecological disasters and human health problems.

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There have been efforts to combat climate change and global warming causes. They have been done because the threats are real. However, several obstacles have been found to this initiative. Namely, they are linked to the failure to reach a compromise or an agreement on the framework to be followed. Various organizations and bodies have been formed to tackle the problem. Examples are the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), among others. They are to look at the scientific research and knowledge of the global warming.

The organizations listed above have come up with certain conclusions. They believe that the climate change is human induced. Hence, they call for the signing of agreements to control it. This, however, faces opposition from the large corporations in few powerful countries. This is because these parties fear the reductions on profit in their businesses, since substantial changes in the way they run will need to be undertaken (Lomborg, 2001). This has changed largely after more scientific research emerged. More and more businesses and governments are accepting the laws and incline towards the changes to be effected.

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Resources have been poured to discredit global warming issues. However, this is changing as the effects are being deemed real. The changes taking place in the world are thought to happen due to the effects of the global warming. For example, the glaciers decrease and the current shrinking of ice fields is thought to be an aftermath of the global warming. Scientists predict that this effect will lead to the rise in sea levels in the years to come. At the same time, some of them disagree over this say it is just a sign of alarm and threats.

Generally, the impacts of global warming have led to a lot of rethinking. Greenhouse gas emissions have been produced by the industrialized nations. This has made it the responsibility of the rich countries to address the issue of global warming and climate change. In addition, these rich countries have to support the developing nations by financing and transferring technology. In this context, the Kyoto protocol that was agreed upon for reducing the emissions has done a little progress so far.

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Mechanisms for tackling global warming and climate change are being developed. Lots of ideas are expressed regarding the issue. For example, the idea of using Carbon Sinks that is believed to be capable of soaking the carbon dioxide is quite interesting. In addition, reforestation and planting of new trees have been floated as a solution. However, this is just a popular idea promoted by the nations that are involved in the logging industry and those that have interests in large forests. Importantly, any ecosystem needs a bio diversity base for growth. As for the global warming, it makes the ecosystem have troubles adapting naturally (O'Sullivan, Shreuder, & Siddons, 2011). This is well illustrated with the example of the arctic ecosystem that has shown many changes. Specifically, the problems with biodiversity have affected the ecosystem of the ocean.

Additionally, the security of energy has been a growing concern to emerging and rich nations. Namely, addiction to oil has been identified as a problem, yet, investment into other alternatives is slow compared to the use of fossil fuel.

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The climate change poses a threat to indigenous populations and local wildlife. The surroundings that they are in are changing in a similar manner to what is occurring within the rest of the planet. The environment has been under threats as well due to the negative effects of the human impact. Moreover, some scientists believe that the growing population around the world is a threat to the environment, which leads to the exacerbation of the global warming. The natural resources face more demands as the world population increases. This population increase results in more waste and pollution from the human activities.

Some scientists believe that the threat is imaginary to some extent as the causes are unknown. There has been found no proof so far that the global warming is human made. This has led to continuous investments and research to be directed towards investigating the issue. The global warming can be a result of earthquakes, solar flares, tsunamis, hurricanes, and floods. Some researchers think that the natural balance of the ecosystem is interfered with, which leads to the fact that the ozone layer is deteriorating. These changes occur because of natural processes that are in the evolving sun and the living planet (Miller, 2005).

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In conclusion, the causes of the global warming can be debatable, but the threats posed are real. They may be found all over the world for everyone to see. Some species are on the verge of extinction, there are dead zones in the ocean, and a significant number of threats to the environment can be found. Therefore, the global warming cannot be said to be an uncertain and distant problem that might not be in existence. It does exist and it needs to be addressed in the nearest future by the environmentally directed developments and technological advancements.


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