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Free «The Economics of Climate Change» Essay Sample

Three specific connections between the climate, energy use and global warming is the emission of green house gases, ozone layer depletion and sea level rise. Energy used in day to day activities e.g. burning up of car fuel, production process in the industries etc. has led to emissions of green houses gases like carbon dioxide, methane, per fluorocarbons (PFCs)), hydro fluorocarbons (HCFs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) (Herbert,2007). Concentration of these gases in the atmosphere depletes the ozone layer which blocks heat from the sun. These gases also trap the heat by absorbing heat from the sun and obstructing much of it from returning to the space. This leads to an increase on temperatures hence the global warming effect. Increase in temperatures leads to a change in a climate. Ice in oceans, mountains and lands melt away, and the melted water flows to the sea causing the rise in sea levels. The ideal source of this research is from the book Changing climate, a report of the Carbon Dioxide Assessment presented by The National Research Council (U.S.) Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee, (National Research Council (U.S.) Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee 1983). The research is related to the topic as it focuses on effects of greenhouse emissions (galegroup.com).

Connection between Greenhouse Effect, the Jet Stream and Human Caused global climate change is the atmospheric heating. A human action leads to production of greenhouse gases, which heat up the atmosphere. Jet streams are influenced by atmospheric temperatures (Steven, 2009).When the atmosphere is hot; the flow of jet streams reduces. This minimizes the cooling effect causing the climate to be extremely hot. When the atmosphere is cold e.g. during the winter, the jet streams moves at a higher speed leading to extreme cold spells. Greenhouse effect is caused by climate change due to the human activities like burning of fossil fuels that releases carbon dioxide.

All countries should curb climate change and clean up problems that they have created. Climate change is more of an economic issue because an economic analysis is needed in setting up climate change policies. The countries should identify, make an assessment and communicate on issues regarding the implications of the knowledge gaps and the economic uncertainty.


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