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Water is the only mineral, which cannot be substituted by any other element. The words, which can fully characterize its physical properties, are “uniqueness” and “distinctiveness.” Moreover, one can draw a parallel and build the so-called “water-life” chain with all its cause-and-effect relations. Without a doubt, water has its crucial importance in humans’ lives. No one can imagine his or her life without water. People drink, cook, wash, and do all essential things for sustaining and supporting all physical needs. That is why, neither human beings nor other creatures can survive without water. Nevertheless, versatile water properties are more and more neglected nowadays, which causes its severe misuse.

First, water scarcity is taking the leading position among all urgent questions in the heated discussions. People use water without thinking that they may have the biggest problem in the future – lack of it. Many people are just happy to have it and do not even spare a thought on those who can hardly survive in harsh conditions without water supplies. Tribes in Africa, for example, do know the value of this resource, as they just exist while searching for fresh water. With hindsight, there is no global management of water use at all, which provokes many devastating outcomes. Some people may take a shower for half a day with water running and not understanding that not all problems end up with a happy ending.

Second, such aspect as water overexploitation is widely seen nowadays. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, water supplies are diminishing drastically. However, the worst case is when large companies and manufacturers just turn a blind eye and do not want to solve that problem at all. They need water for everything, for example, to refrigerate engines, or add it to chemical process, so that it will lose its nourishing properties. In this case, it is obvious that water is often misused. Moreover, the result of violent overexploitation is wasted water. It is the consequence of a large-scale water use, when it just goes down the drain after usage. Therefore, business interests, which can be characterized as unscrupulous and profit-oriented concerns, cause water exploitation with its further impossible use.

Third, due to the civilization development, people are facing contamination or water pollution. This problem should be examined from various perspectives. On the one hand, there are manufacturers who dump industrial wastes in the rivers, seas, and damage ecosystem. In today’s investigations of natural resources, such elements as asbestos, cyanide, petrochemicals and others are not few and far between, which relentlessly pollute the air and water. On the other hand, not only manufacturers contaminate the water resources. Some people are also doing this. One may find a great deal of trash on beaches and shores. Some people do not even have a thought that it is obligatory to clean everything up from plastic packages and other garbage, as they can easily fall into the water. The same thing is with roads, which are full of garbage and wastes. On spring, when the snow melts, all that poison is absorbed by soil, and, later on, consumed by people.

Subsequently, water is abused more and more today. In all aspects of life people just cannot substitute it with anything, but do not appreciate what they have. In ancient times, the word “water” was commonly associated with “gift,” “benefit,” and other words, which had positive connotations. However, everything has changed with time. Nowadays, water is widely thought of as a destructive force, and, therefore, is commonly accepted as a damaging factor. This is the most stunning situation, when water is unfairly treated. Mainly, people come to terms with a bad experience and ignore consequences of their actions. It is enough just to look at the headlines in popular newspapers – “water pollution,” “damage,” and the whole row of negative words. Rarely do people see “water – is a source of life,” and this is the worst treatment towards the most vital element of humans’ well-being.


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