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Tornado is a natural phenomenon which begets a lot of confusion among citizens, especially if there is no clear statements what to do. If tornado has struck shelter, there is no light and people who will give step-by-step guide, urgent actions are to be taken.

First, there is a need to create a team of leaders who will try to bring an order to the community. It is of vital importance to choose a leader in such state of panic. As the first hours are usually the tensest due to the ignorance about the situation, I would take the initiative to be a leader or at least assistant if there is already one.

Second, I will be aware of the weather conditions. It is very necessary to predict further tornadoes. If the sky is clear, there is no hail, roar or other signs of danger, the tornado has gone. Otherwise, it is necessary to make people find a safe shelter at least for the time of the next tornado. To make a specific effect, I will take a megaphone. Consequently, more people will hear my pieces of advice.

Third, it is pivotal to assist people, who are dependent on somebody’s help. To this category we can refer injured, trapped, disabled, children etc. If there would be no volunteers to do such a high-risk task, delivering persuasive speech may be the best thing to do. At that moment it’s worth mentioning that everybody may be in that place. Moreover, who knows what might happen in the future with them, their children and close people.

Finally, the most important is to persuade people to stay calm. Tornado brings nothing but anxiety, confusion and turmoil. Without a doubt, mental well-being and appropriate psychological state are the key elements of solving problems. Therefore, I will definitely try to preserve people’s calmness. For instance, if they are crying and shouting that everything has gone, I will advise them to take pictures of it for the insurance company.

Therefore, when there is a disaster after tornado, it is very necessary to pluck up the courage and do something, rather than turn a blind eye.


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