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Through persuasive thinking, the benefits get weighed against the shortcomings of an undertaking, and the most apt direction assumed. It becomes simpler, as such, to persuade people to take a certain direction. Scientific thinking, on the other hand, involves experiments that verify facts. It also includes observation about the effect of an undertaking ion the world. The following write up is a discussion of impacts and solution to global warming and genetic engineering using persuasive and scientific thinking respectively.

Global warming is among the major problems facing the world today. As a result of global warming, the average temperatures of the earth escalate gradually. At the rate in which the global temperatures are rising, it is predicted that in the next one hundred years glaciers will have melted, as the dry lands expand, and ocean levels rise. Global warming has been largely attributed to human activities, which have led to the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rising. Industries and deforestation have been considered as the major causes of increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which has in turn led to the destruction of the ozone layer, allowing harmful ultra violet rays from the sun to reach the earth’s surface. These rays are harmful to plants and lead to increased temperatures near the earth’s surface. The increased temperature results from the fact the low-frequency rays emitted from the earth’s surface cannot go past the ozone but are reflected back to the earth’s surface. By the end of the 21st century, the global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.50C. As noted earlier, human activities have frequently been cited as the major cause of global warming. Industries have played the biggest role through the release of greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer. Deforestation, on the other hand, spoils the balance of gases in the ecosystem, resulting in increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This gas causes heat accumulation by reflecting the low frequency sun’s rays from the earth’s surface back.

Global warming has led to a disrupted ecosystem leading situations that are life threatening. Melting glaciers and ice sheet have led to increased levels in the oceans. This has led to instability in the sea resulting hurricanes and tornadoes which lead to many deaths. Green houses gases also lead to respiratory diseases such as cancer. Any measures should be taken to reduce the rate of global warming. This can be achieved through reduction of the amount of greenhouses gases released into the atmosphere as well as discouraging deforestation as well as encouraging reafforestation. The government should also put measures in place regulations and laws restricting disposal of wastes by industries.

Altering an individual’s genotype involves the changing of his genetic make-up. This field of science is regarded to as genetic engineering. It has been applied in the altering a person’s appearance, intelligence, as well as metabolism, in an attempt to raise the efficiency of an individual (Reiss & Straughan, 1996). An instance of human genetic engineering is the one in which somatic cells get added to  the reproductive cells such that off springs are born without any disorders, despite the same existing in their parents. This eliminates such disorders in the generation through the application of germ line human genetic engineering. This process can also be applied to boost immunity to individuals with low immunity, by carrying out genetic engineering on their immune system. This field of science has seen a substantial reduction in death rates across the world.  Despite the major breakthroughs, the genetic engineering of humans is extremely expensive and can lead to complications. It has also aroused issues in ethics. The probability of the outcome of genetic engineered cells being unfavorable is significantly high. Enough research ought to be carried out by qualified personnel and organizations to ensure that these attempts to improve the human race are successful, and do not impact people negatively. The governments involved should also put restrictions as to who to participate in such critical areas as genetic engineering.


Global warming is harmful, and all measures possible should be elected to curb it. Through persuasive thinking, I have explored global warming and its shortcomings in a way that can persuade people to embrace precautions against global warming. Also, though scientific thinking, I have explored genetic engineering in humans and the problems they present. Precautions against its adverse effects would involve experimentation and scientific observation.


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