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As the snows on Mount Kilimanjaro keep vanishing and the race is on among countries to secure a portion of the North Pole that gets increasingly ice-free each passing year, our species seems to be abruptly awakened from its deep slumber by the reality of global warming, although a handful still doubt the extent of the damage and our responsibility in this whole process. But that our planet is warming significantly is not disputed by anyone. That this acceleration is now 10,000 times faster than it has been for the rest of human history is also common knowledge.

Given the natural unpredictability of the Earth’s type of weather, it is hard to determine the degree of change that human beings cause. In computer-based replicas, increasing absorptions of greenhouse gases normally produce a boost in the average heat of the Earth. Intensifying temperatures could, in turn, create changes in sea levels, weather, and land use prototypes, usually termed to as “climate change.”

Evaluations normally mean that the Earth’s climate has frenzied over the precedent century and that human beings’ activities distressing the ambiance are a probable forceful dynamic. A National Research Council research released in May 2001 stated, “Greenhouse gases are mounting up in Earth’s atmosphere as an effect of individual activities, resulting in surface air warmth and sub-surface marine temperatures to increase Temperatures are, in fact, increasing. The alterations observed over the previous decades are likely typically due to human activities, but we cannot decree out that some major part of these changes is in addition an indication of natural unpredictability.” Making advancement in decreasing uncertainties in protuberances of prospect climate will necessitate better consciousness and indulgence of the upsurge of greenhouse gases in the air and the performance of the climate structure.

Increase in adverse climate changes in terms of temperatures for example has huge negative impact on the day to day activities. These include effects such as drought due to lack of rain and as a result the environment continues to deteriorate. Prolonged sunny days result in loss of natural resources such as trees and forest which are sources of micro climates. Also as result of these climatic changes there could result high sea levels this could end up to disaster such as tsunami.

Climate change may also lead to global warming which is of no usefulness to the environment. This is because with increased oxygen depletion and destruction of the ozone layer, carbon dioxide forms a big percentage of the environment. This way there is hardly anything that can grow resulting in dilapidation of the environment. These drastic climate changes in return affect the economic activities of occupants as they can no longer rely on the traditional know how of the climatic patterns. This in turn may result in loss of incomes that they usually would get from those economic activities and hence there would be no economic growth resulting in economic recession in these countries.

With the continuous technological advancements and industrialization, many industries have been put up. As a result of the many industrial processes there are huge carbon emissions that results from the industrial processes which are not environmental friendly. This is because they eventually result in environmental degradation. There has been increased concern of the experiencing economic boom. As a result industrialization has been on the rise. The industrialization is so pronounced such that the amount of gases emitted into the atmosphere is so much leading to increased degradation. It has been suggested that countries should continue being in a state of economic regression so as to correct the environmental problem as it is assumed that there will be less industrialization. However, this is a paradox as every country’s aspiration is to have tremendous economic growth.


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