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Free «Global warming between myth and reality» Essay Sample

Global warming is a climatic term used to describe a scenario where there is an increase in the mean temperatures of the earth surface, with air and oceans included. This is a scientific definition of rapid temperature increase. However, according to various traditions and norms, people in the past saw such increase in temperatures as an indication of gods' wrath. People saw this as a way their god was disappointed and thus needed to be appeased.

Scientists all over the world have come up with strategies of establishing whether there is global warming or not. An evidence for enormous increase in temperatures in the climate systems is obtained from observing the average air conditions and the oceanic temperatures. Also, massive melting of ice bergs and snow can account for increase in temperatures. In addition, global warming can be observed when an increase in the average sea level is registered.

Global warming may occur due to excessive carbon dioxide emissions from gasoline. The machineries used all over the world, majorly the vehicles contribute to about 33% of carbon dioxide emissions. This percentage is not constant but keeps on increasing due to the rapid population growth and rapid demand for such engine driven locomotives. Carbon dioxide can also be emitted from fossils used to run power plants. Increase in fertilizer use by farmers also account for the global warming all over the world. Since majority of the continents rely on agriculture for their survival, it means that they have to use fertilizers to improve their annual yield. In the event of fertilizer use, it is true that most farmers acquire good harvest at the end of the season, but a negative implication of increase in temperatures is witnessed in the long run.Some of the effects associated with global warming include rise in sea levels. This rise is mainly attributed to the melting of snow and ice bergs which increases the water capacity in the seas and oceans. Global warming also contributes to destruction of property and loss of many lives. This is brought about by storms which results from increase in temperatures. Further, famine disaster is more likely to befall the world population due to crop failure. To conclude on effects of global warming, some plant species which cannot tolerate high temperatures are likely to be extinct.

In summary, global warming is an issue which should be addressed across all continents. Awareness of addressing the public on the use of appropriate measures to reduce chances of global warming should be created.


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