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Global climate change is a concept that has been used in exploration of the changes in climate that are taking place in the entire planet. This looks at the issues such as how the climate is changing, the causes of the changes and the impact that these changes may have on human life. Human activities have been highly associated with the current changes in global climate. This is because most of human activities have resulted in increased greenhouse gases for example the carbon dioxide.Human activities associated with global climate changeGlobal climatic change has been a result of global warming, a condition that has been caused by the recent increase in industrial activities. Most of the industrial activities undertaken by human beings results t addition of more greenhouse gases that are currently present in the atmosphere. These industrial activities have been on increase following the industrial revolution that has taken place in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Some of the human activities that are associated with global climate change include burning of coal, natural gas and oil. These activities increase the level of warmth on earth and this may result to changes in the climate. For example, it may result to prolonged draughts and severity of storms. Fossil fuels are widely used in powering engines and locomotives that are used in the modern industrial activities. Coal and fossils fuels yields the most energy that is used in factories. Apart from increasing the warmth on the earth, use of energy from fossil fuels releases a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thus increasing its atmospheric concentration (Spray, & McGlothlin, 2002).

In the agricultural sector, decomposition of organic matter releases methane gas. Almost a quarter of the methane gas that is released in the atmosphere comes decomposition of manure. Methane is also released through paddy rice farming and also changes to wetlands. Continued industrial activities have also resulted in deforestation all over the world. Trees are important part of photosynthetic process and play the role of abstracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing back oxygen. Deforestation has therefore eliminated trees from their role and this has led to accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increasing the effect of greenhouse gases (Spray, 59).

Significant climactic events in the pastThe effects of global climatic change have been evidenced in the past by some significant climactic events that have taken place. One example of these events is the deadly Rananim typhoon that took place in China in 1956 claiming 164 lives. This was experienced in eastern province of Zhejiang and within duration of five days, it had claimed 164 lives. This event also left 1800 others injured and caused a total economic loss of 2.2. US dollars. The typhoon uprooted trees, caused falling of buildings and this injured many people. Typhoons are string storms that are caused by sea surface roughness which increases the surface friction and decreased speed of wind. These are severe storms that have been associated with increased warmth as a result of burning of fossil fuels and coal.China has also experienced prolonged periods of hot weather especially in the southern China. This has started since July last year with the highest temperatures being recorded at 38 degrees Celsius. Extreme temperatures have also been experienced in Asia and other nations and all this has been blame don global warming. Another major climatic event that has been associated with global warming is hurricane Katrina that took place in America in 2005 causing several deaths and floods. This event cannot be wholly blamed on global warming but it has been associated with difference in temperature between the sea surface and the atmospheric air. There was also impact of high frequency cyclones that has been caused by climate changes.Other regions of the world have experienced various events related to weather. Some parts of Asia and Central Europe have experienced flash floods in large areas of these countries. Other regions in Russian federation have experienced heat waves and intense droughts. China and sub-Saharan Africa have also experienced mudslides which are associated with deforestations.

Temperature GradientThe earth's temperature gradient is the rte at which the temperature of the earth increases with depth. In other words, it indicates the flow of heat from the warmer parts in the earth's interior to the cooler parts on the surface. Global warming has led to increased ocean temperature and this raises the temperature on the earth's surface. This has therefore led to increased temperature gradient of earth. These changes have been observed every year from 1991 to 2003. The rates of warming have been high for those years and there has been little cooling between 2003 and 2007. Therefore high rates of warming accompanied by slow rates of cooling have resulted in increased temperature gradient on earth. It is therefore important for human beings to reconsider their activities to curb the effects of global warming (Spray, 121).Global climate change which is mainly associated with the effects of global warming has been largely caused by human activities. Global warming has been an issue of concern since the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century. Human activities such as burning of fossils, coals, deforestation and agricultural activities have resulted in release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere leading to global warming. Big climatic events have taken place in different places of the world which have all been associated with the effects of global warming. Global warming has also led to increased temperature gradient of the earth due to higher rates of warming and slower rates of cooling.


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