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Olympic National Park is a famous Park in the United States. It was founded in 1938 and has been in existence ever since. It is situated in the Peninsula and has had a significant economic impact to the people staying in that area. The major attractions in the park are the Glacial Mountains, the coastline, the forests, the animals and the plant species found in the area. It attracts millions of tourists who visit the park to experience the richness nature has to offer. The park is mainly visited for purposes of skiing and hiking. Scientists from around the world also use the park for their research studies.


The Olympic National Park is a famous park located in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington in the United States. The park is divided into four main regions; the alpine areas, the Westside temperate rainforest, the Pacific coastline and the forest on the drier East side. The park was originally created in 1909 by President Theodore Rooselvelt after approval by congress to promote it to a National park status. The park became an International Biosphere Reserve in 1976 and soon after earned the status of a World Heritage Site four years later. 95% of the park was designated as the Olympic wilderness in the year 1988 (Graf, 2).



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The park was formed as a result of the richness of its natural ecosystem. The area was inhabited by the Native Americans who were mainly involved in hunting and fishing. The influx of the European settlers increased the population, however, the population of the Native Americans reduced as a result of the introduction of European diseases by the Europeans. The culture which was initially from Pacific Northwest but that has diminished over time. The Olympic park also has cultural sites that show evidence of the Native Americans especially in the mountains (Graf, 3).

Importance of the Park

The park is well maintained and has an outstanding scenery attracting millions of people around the world. The United States marvels at the beauty of the park and has made several efforts aimed at maintaining the site. The park is used as a recreation center, and most tourists visit the place to ski during winter and take long walks along the beach during summer. It is a significant tourist attraction and thus in turn earns the country income. It is used for both local and international tourism and in turn plays a vital role in building the economy. This creates employment opportunities for both employers and employees (Bell & Bliss, 30).

The park is also used by scientists in conducting experiments related to the relationship between animals and plants in the ecosystem. The park is a natural home of a variety of species that are found in the area. The scientists find the place suitable due to the changes that take place in the environment. The natural habitat has variations all year round which in turn change the relationships of the organisms in the natural environment. Such diverse variations are rare outside the parks due to interference from many changes that take place such as pollution from factories and vehicles (Bell & Bliss, 32).

The natural ecosystem has been well preserved and maintained for the benefit of nature. Nature has its own self adjusting mechanisms that aim at preserving itself. The mountains are the sources of more than ten rivers found in the area. The coast, the lowland forest and the temperate rainforest help to maintain the natural balance in the area. This helps to reduce the rate of global warming, which in turn results to global, climate change that has a negative effect on the environment. The globe can be best preserved using natural means, and since the park occupies nearly one million acres, it offers enough land to help maintain the natural system in the world (Mitchell, 58).

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The Olympic National Park has breathtaking scenery that quenches the eyes. The park has a variety of sites to offer, and the experience is unforgettable. The sites include; mountains, forests, rivers, animals and coastlines.

Glacial Mountains

The park has a range of mountains known as the Olympic Mountains. The mountain top is covered with ridgelines topped having massive glaciers penetrating in the large crevices formed. The rivers emanating from the mountains give an illusion of contours transverse the entire terrain of the mountain, giving an illusion of a network of roads across the terrain. The mountain stands 7,965 feet covered with basaltic ad sedimentary rocks. The Hoh Glacier is the largest with an approximate height of five kilometers. The mountain receives large amounts of snow all year round. The mountain has numerous high peaks and ridges that are craggy giving it a mountain deception as the tallest ridge gives a false illusion of height (Graf 6).


The coastline display a region that is rugged with the rugged portions filled up with sand that lays teasingly in the openings. The adjacent strip of forest along the sand gives an inviting atmosphere where one can relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. The coastline stretches about 67 miles and a few miles wide. The beach is mainly covered with sand but has other magnificent features that such as large boulders and heavy rocks. However, the coastline may not be the best place for foot travel, the slippery footing, frequent tides; bushy overgrowth and the rainforest which is misty making hiking experience difficult (GORP, 12).

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The ocean lies beside the coastline with refreshing salty water springing from beneath the ground. The rocks that are found at the park were developed from the ocean, and its marine fossils are embedded in the summit of the mountain. The Ozette Loop is the most popular coastal strip, and it stretches 14km along the park. Thick grooves of trees can be seen adjacent to the sand as a result of chunks of timber from trees that fell on the beach. This splendid view gives the beach a touch of natural beauty and maintains the originality of the beach (UNESCO, 2012).

Temperate Forests

On the Western side, of the park stands a magnificent temperate rain forest that captivates the attention of the viewer. Coniferous trees dominate the population with varieties such as Sitka Spruce, Coast Douglas-fir and the western red cedar. The thick, deep natural appearance of the forest is as a result of the mosses that cover the bark of the trees dripping down from the branches as moist green tendrils. On the Eastern side of the park, an old forest, emerges from the valleys, however, the climate is drier than in the Western side. The undergrowth is not as dense, and the Skita Spruce is conspicuously missing (Graham & Cromack, 511).

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Animal and Plants

The park hosts a variety of plants and animals. It provides a home for native species such as the Roosevelt elk which are rarely found in the world. The Olympic Marmot and Piper’s bell flower also have a habitat in the glaciated regions of the mountains. There are mountain goats that are also found to reside in the mountainous region of the park. However, the goat population boomed in 1981 resulting to destruction of the alpine meadow, this made the staff reduce their numbers and try to control their population (Hoffman, 57).

The varieties of plant species such as the Skita Spruce are also found in the region. The coniferous trees have the largest population in the region, and they come with a range of shapes and sizes. The trees are natural and thus provide a thick blanket formed from the natural canopy as a result of the density. This canopy gives the tropical rainforest its beauty and thus attracting millions of viewers. It also provides a home for the natural species which are found within the region. Scientists behold the Olympic and use it for their own studies to learn more on the interactions between plants and animals (Krug, 550).

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The Environment

The general combination of all these beautiful features in one ecosystem provides a natural balance in the system. The natural resources such as the plants, the animals, the mountains and the ocean all give a totally different environment filled with the goodness of nature. There are millions of people who enjoy the scenery and love the variation in weather. They visit the place to learn more about geography relations and also experience the interaction of nature within the ecosystem; the Olympic park provides such scenery. The environment is unique and different from that of the city. The place provides a marvelous getaway from all the hustles of the city (Cibula & Nyqust, 66).


The park is graced with several roads and a network of trails used for hiking. The thick snow floor that is formed during winter provides suitable ground for adventure during winter. The natural environment provides an opportunity for recreation all year round as the variations in weather gives the park a different experience. The roads leading to the park are also well maintained, and they make the travelling experience fun and hustle free. The park is surrounded by numerous hotels and other recreation destinations that are affordable and provide the best tourist destination. The staff at the park is also organized, and they carry out their duties efficiently with the highest degree of precision (Gorgan, 54).

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The Olympic park is nature’s gift in the United States, and it has been preserved to protect the environment. The park has been in existence since 1938 as a result of the declaration made by President Roosevelt during his rule in the United Kingdom. The park provides a rich touch of the natural ecosystem, and it has economic, recreational and educational benefits in the United States. The natural environment composes glacial mountains, coastlines, temperate rain forests, oceans, plants and animals. It is a historic park and provides numerous benefits to the United States.

Sol Duc River is one of the biggest rivers in western slopes of the park. The river is always full due to heavy rains; fog and snow fall in the park

This is a forest located near Hurricane Ridge; a snow of up to 10 meters covers it in a year. The forest has trees such as hemlock, spruce, fir and cedar. Some of this trees are the largest in the world in their category.


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