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For a majority of marketers, it has been evidenced that the young people have become an attractive target. Moreover, schools have become the most favorable places for those adverts targeting these young people. It is thus of a great importance for the marketers to put into practice a number of ethical rehearses. To begin with, these scholars ought to be availed with the relevant and detailed information as regards to the products that the marketers are commercializing (Hartman & DesJardins, 2008). Besides, the avenues so utilized in the marketing ought to be communicative to the targeted consumers. This ensures that there is no undercover marketing- which denotes the intentional covering of the out and out marketing aspect of the entire interaction. In marketing, honesty (of opinion, identity and relationship), consumer protection and protection of consumer permission and privacy ought to be held. Therefore, owing to the above highlighted ethical issues in marketing, the age factor has to be factored. Adverts should not be directly made to school-age children (those lying within the 4 to 12 years of age) since they can hardly prudently decide on the truth of some commercials (Hartman & DesJardins, 2008).

Advertising within schools has its merits as well as a number of drawbacks. One of these advantages is that a greater number of potential consumers are reached at a time. Following the advent of the internet, the World Wide Web (WWW) and blogs, many scholars have access to these adverts hence are lured to go to the market to buy them (Hartman & DesJardins, 2008). However, it is quite hard to know whether the individual having posted a product’s review is a user, manufacturer or a competitor (negatively reviewing the product); which may sway the consumer from purchasing the product. It is likely that advertising products within schools may be accompanied with violation of communication trust which is in the offing of maturing into a sense of betrayal causing the consumers to trust the company no longer (Hartman & DesJardins, 2008).

Any company carrying out marketing for its product has to principally take note of who its clients are. However, this ought not to be the sole element dictating the decisions thereafter since there are other factors with equally impact on the stakeholders. The company has to pay close attention to the costs to be involved in the commercialization process (Lantos, 1999). This will draw in the issue of the media of advertisement to be used as well as the market niche. Likewise, competitors’ packaging of substitutes and the manner of their adverts should be scrutinized. This will help the organization in making prudent decisions of the way to take in order to outdo the competitors. In order to attract more consumers, attractiveness of the advert ought to be incorporated. This enhances the impression that consumers have for the product (Hartman & DesJardins, 2008).

As earlier mentioned, there is no shortcut to adopting ethical advertising and marketing approaches and more especially within learning institutions. A perfect alternative for stealth marketing within schools is the win-win marketing. This may take the form of sponsored fundraising- whereby a firm volunteers to send out fundraising entreaties on behalf of the schools (Keller, 2001). Such approaches may prove to be considerably cost effective approaches, especially on promoting the learning institutions. Another alternative may be commercial comedy. Notably, numerous schools and other non-profit making organizations have capitalized on looking for high quality, but considerably low cost entertainment for events regarding to fundraising. In the event that these schools embark on creating some of these high quality entertainments, there are likelihoods of the audience extending their attention on the same. Moreover, there is also the generation of goodwill thus drawing more public attention (Hartman & DesJardins, 2008).


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