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Norms are acceptable behaviors within a group of people. Mores are defined as the traditional customs and the usages of particular social group e.g. moral attitudes, manners or ways while the folkways norms are described as the practice or custom or the beliefs shared by members of a certain group as their common culture.

The members within the group act in accordance with the set norms. There is usually a strong tendency of the members to violate the group folkways in workplace. To avoid this, most groups have sanctioning system that punishes non-normative behaviors. Whenever a member of the group fails to comply with the norms of a group, he usually feels guilty or embarrassed. The mores and folkways norms are easily transferrable from one person or group to another. This can happen through advice, imitation or through teaching (Michael, 2005). The following represents the norms that exist in my work group. I work as a bartender in a local pub. Paying attention to customers and other staff and listening to their views is one of the main norms in my workplace this type of behavior is categorized as a folkway. This is achieved through meaningful dialogue between all the parties involved. Every member is supposed to be sure of what he/she is saying or responding.



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Another folkway is proper dress code in the workplace. Good clothes help to impress the customers and gain credibility. During the normal working hours, staff is supposed to wear specific clothing that has been set out by the management. This dress code gives the staff the confidence to serve the customers.

Treating others with civility is another folkway norm in my work place. Every employee is supposed to treat all customers with politeness and respect. When a customer orders his/her drink, the staff are supposed to attend them within the shortest time possible. This gives the customer maximum satisfaction from the services that are offered in the bar.

We also have mores in our workplace, one of which is refraining from violence against the people. Misconducts of customers occur often in the bar. The customer’s behavior may violate the code of conduct of the bar or the rights of the staff. In such a case, the employee should not engage in the fight with the customer. Instead, he should look for a better way of solving the dispute.

Politeness and friendliness also belong to the mores in our work group. The employees do not think of their personal problems in the work place and try to maintain pleasant working atmosphere. Since nobody is perfect and everyone has bad days, every employee tries to suppress inner negative emotions in order to maintain proper work coordination. Good attendance of work and punctuality are other mores. There is usually work rotation, and every staff is supposed to adhere to the time that has been set. Everyone is supposed to be timely and meet the deadline of the work that is set.

The expectations that apply to all the members include mores and folkway norms like; politeness, friendliness and a proper dress code as mores, and reliable attendance of work and punctuality from all the employees as folkways. Every employee is supposed to correspond to the expectations. The expectations that are not applied to all the staff include the mores norms like, refraining from violence against one another and treating customers with civility. These mores norms are applied by personnel who are in direct contact with the customers, since the staff, who perform their work independently in offices do not work directly with the customers.

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The aim of a proper dress code which is a folkway norm at work is to impress the customers and to maintain discipline. The staff becomes more confident when they perform their duties. Paying attention to customers and listening to their views enhances constant flow of information within the work and the organization in general. This is a good example of mores norm application in my workplace or bar. The proper use of these mores norms enhances correct spread of ideas and networking as well as excellent customer relations. It also increases customer’s satisfaction hence leading to increased profits.

Good attendance of work and punctuality guarantee that the work will be completed within the set time and the services will be fulfilled on time. The folkway norm ensures that a proper work rotation is done without any loss of time. This gives a good coordination in work as there is a proper flow of delegated duties. Also, the mores norms of being courteous and friendly at work ensure that all employees have excellent relations with each other. This enables to lessen the stress within the work as well as to motivate the workers.

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Violations of these folkway norms may lead to punishment. In my workplace there is no specific punishment that has been set to a member who violates these norms. The staff on the higher rank calls the members who has violated the folkway norms and warn them. If there is persistent violation, a member can be fired. Another punishment that a member gets when he/she violates a folkway norm is a feeling of embarrassment or the jokes from other members of the group.

Folkways are type of norms that are morally accepted, but they are less significant. There are types of norms that when violated, may lead to punishment due to their high significance (Bettenhausen & Murnighan, 1985). Paying attention to customers and other staff and listening to their points of view concerns the organization. The violation of the folkway norms can lead to significant loss of customers and efficiency in work. If an employee fails to adhere to the folkway norms of good attendance of work and punctuality, it can lead to punishment. Courteous and friendly relationship at work is another norm the violation of which can lead to punishment of the staff. Its main aim is to maintain harmony within the staff.

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Another very important mores norm is refraining from violence against the others. The violation of this norm may lead to severe consequences due to its significance in work. Treating customers with politeness is another significant mores norm. When a customer is treated with politeness, it benefits the company. The only folkway norm in my workplace is a dress code. Though it is a necessary part of corporate style, its violation cannot lead to legal consequences.


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