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Christian rituals normally vary across churches and denominations as well as among individual Christians, although the majority of rituals undertaken by Christians are equal (Patheos Library, 2008). As a Christian, I normally attend the worship services at church only on Sundays; religious activities there primarily comprise a sermon, prayer and singing. It is also worth noting that, apart from Sunday services, I also normally attend church on other special occasions, such as nuptials and burial rituals among others. Moreover, when I am at home, I usually pray frequently and read the Bible. I learnt to perform all these actions from my family members. In addition, the majority of Christian churches usually perform special rituals for ordination, like sacrament or allocating an individual to fit for a certain leadership position in the church (Woolley, 2011). According to Elliot (1986), almost all Christians are baptized during infant or adult age; when a Christian becomes baptized, he/she is authorized to take part in communion (also known as the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper). There are five extra sacraments which are recognized by the Catholic Church such as devotions or sacramentals, which include going on pilgrimage and praying the Rosary (Bickerman, 1949). I have been performing these Christian rituals since my childhood; these actions helped me become morally upright, obedient and respect others regardless of their ethnicity. Above all, practicing Christianity has acted as a key guide in my life.

A murder case in the environment of a restorative justice system is bound to be penalized in a humane manner which is less likely to be violent in nature. This is because restorative systems believe in the rehabilitation of sinners. In a restorative justice system, the murderer is recognized as a person who can find redemption after undergoing a prison rehabilitation program. The murderer can get a life sentence, though.

In a retributive justice system, a convicted murderer is likely to receive a harsh sentence. Punishment in this system serves a punitive role. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a criminal is supposed to pay for his/her crime, and punishment is conducted for retributive purposes. In addition, the murderer has committed a heinous crime and does not deserve any mercy. Therefore, the murderer should undergo similar pain. That is the reason harsh punishments such as hanging, lethal injection and electrocution are passed in a retributive justice system.

Belief systems that underpin restorative justice are likely to be less punitive but more rehabilitative for the convicted felons. The prisoners are bound to undergo a rigorous rehabilitation prison program in order to rejoin society as responsible law abiding citizens. The prison living conditions are also expected to be comfortable in a restorative justice system.


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