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All set ups and systems in the world are governed by standard code of conduct and behavior. The main aim is to promote coexistence and achievement of the set objective without creating disharmony at any level. Owing to the many parties involved, research world is not an exception. There is a need to ensure that ethical behaviors and actions are undertaken in the research. This ensures that integrity and objectivity of the research is fulfilled. Moreover, it ensures that researchers win the trust of the public. The purpose of writing this paper is to explain the ethical responsibility in research and its impact.                                                      


Ethics in research refers to the principles and guidelines set in the field of research to ensure moral values and standard code of conduct is maintained at all levels of the research. The ability to fulfill the set standards of behavior is referred to as ethical responsibility. Many researchers must take in their ethical responsibilities in order to gain approval of various agencies at stake. Ethical behaviors and actions are quite critical in conducting a research. Misconducts such as fabrication and falsifications are prohibited. Moreover, facts and truth are maintained. Secondly, it guarantees that researchers are accountable to the public. For instance, human and animals are protected in case they are chosen as subjects in the study. Thirdly, when ethical behaviors and actions are maintained, moral and social values of the society are maintained. This is quite critical because the aim of most research is to provide solutions to societal problems.

According to Sieber,J (1992), there are many ethical decisions that, when employed, impact every partisan of the research. For example, openness and confidentiality promote good relation between the researcher and the subjects involved. The protection of human subject and compliance to animal care law cannot be left unmentioned.

In conclusion, ethical responsibility is of great importance and must not be overlooked at any instance of the study.


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