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Sex Trafficking

From the point of view of international law human trafficking means the act of the recruitment, transfer or receipt of individuals who are under the threat, force or other forms of correlation like abduction, fraud or deception. It also could be accomplished with an abuse of power or the position of vulnerability. One of the main goals of the human trafficking is to use victims for sexual purposes. Over time, this problem is becoming bigger and more complicated. Sex trafficking is the most common and dangerous form of the human trafficking all over the world.  

Sex trafficking is defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act organization as a sex exploration or ‘commercial sex act’. “As defined by the TVPA, the term ‘commercial sex act’ means any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person” (Haken). Most of all, traffickers prefer to use psychological methods in order to have the control over their victims. They have a clear plan and scheme how to make the victims believe that any attempt to refuse the sexual actions will lead to the serious harm and physical punishment. In this way, victims feel that they are not protected and obey their exploiters.



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Girls and women are the main aim of the sex traffickers. However, men and boys could also be considered by the sex trafficking managers. There are a lot of ways of how to lure people into the sex industry. There are some of them as follows. The most common way is to offer the victims a good opportunity to have a decent job in another country. Usually, this story is accompanied with a great salary and comfortable conditions of work. The next probable scenario is an offer to get married with a wealthy foreigner. Women cannot resist the temptation to live abroad with a rich man. Sex traffickers know this weakness and use it very often. The other way to get into sex slavery is to be sold by parents, husbands or boyfriends. People usually decide to take this step due to the financial situation or having not very close or tied relationship with the person. The last, the most common way to get people involved in the sex industry is kidnapping. This method is very often used for taking children in the sex slavery, while they spend their time out of the house alone or without proper control of their parents. “32% of child abduction take place on a street or in a car, while another 25% of abduction take place in a park or a wooden area” (Stranger Danger).

In order to get the victim to the sex industry, sex traffickers use any convenient methods and practices. They put their victims in front of the fact that they own money and have to work out the money with their services. Traffickers use starvation, physical violence, rape etc. They very often threat victims by the drugs or hearting family members. Almost in all cases, victims of the sex trafficking are deprived of their documents. In this way, in any foreign country they hardly have enough rights.

The life and living conditions of the people who became victims of the sex trafficking are terrible. They lead to the health risks. Victims face many physical challenges, such as alcohol and drug addictions, any kinds of injuries that include brain injuries. The long period of time spent in such conditions could lead to serious psychological problem. Victims could develop the hatred to the men, country or even to their own life. The constant fear and physical activity can presumably lead to a thought about the suicide.

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In order to get as many benefits as possible, exploiters force victims to carry out different types of sex trafficking. The commercial exploration means the pornography, prostitution, live-sex shows and other disgusting forms of sexual behavior. As a rule, victims are involved in several sex operations. They could be found in the prostitution on the streets and closed-brothels. There are also many private and public locations like casinos, spa-centers, strip clubs where the service of the sex trafficking victims is widely used. Mainly, victims start to work from the soft kinds of sex trafficking like dancing in clubs. Over time, they are forced to work as prostitutions or in pornography industry.

It is difficult to understand why so terrible crime is taken place in the 21st century. However, if we take a closer look at the justice, we will see that there are many gaps in its structure. There are many countries that do not have any proper law which would protect the rights of victims. “In many countries, the necessary laws are not in place, or they are not properly enforced – too often traffickers are let off with a slap on the wrist, and victims are treated as criminals” (Costa). This issue has a very wide spread due to the profitability for the traffickers and low risk to be caught by the police. Traffickers use people who suffer from poverty, starvation and other difficulties in life. This part of the population is more vulnerable and could easily become a victim of the traffickers. The system of the sex trafficking is very well-organized. It has a highly developed structure with the key players. The main figures of the sex trafficking are very well-hidden. “Sex enterprise owners rarely are involved in the daily or frontline operation, and may depend upon many layers of people to run the business” (Raymond).

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Traffickers are trying to use all possible ways to transport women to certain countries. It could be the borders of the neighboring countries or international airports. However, the government tries to take the control over these points. So, exploiters have to find other ways to sneak into the country. It is obvious that traffickers do not get serious prosecution from the side of government. The measures and punishment that exist in the countries are not enough to prevent sex trafficking. The issue is itself a tremendous, but cannot be eradicated effectively due to the lack of knowledge, lack of justice, lack of the measures and capacity to respond, lack of proper assistance to victims and lack of the proper cooperation between countries.

The survey showed that 89% believes that “sex trafficking should get more attention in media”. It is very important to increase the awareness about this issue among the population. The problem is very serious, but many people do not even know about the existence of the problem that could happen to anyone. It should have the media support in order to spread the information and create the atmosphere of cooperation between the population and authority. This cooperation could serve as an effective instrument in fighting with traffickers in the country and all over the world.   

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The seriousness of such issue as sex trafficking was proved by the fact that 96% of the interviewed believes that “sex trafficking is the serious violation of human rights”. The development of the democracy and equal rights for all the members of the society eliminated such phenomenon as slavery from the minds of current generation. However, sex trafficking is a modern and illegal form of the slavery in our time. It is a serious violation of the personal freedom and human fights. It is hard to imagine that many girls and women instead of developing their potential talents and professional skills have to face each day the struggles of the sex industry.

The sex trafficking is not a problem of only one country or continent. It is the global problem that requires the global solution. On a survey of 100 people, 84 % believes that “sex trafficking is the problem of all the races”. Many of victims are the residents of the country where they live as permanent citizens. However, many victims are coming from the Asian countries like Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Unfortunately, sex industry requires young people of any races and ages. It gives the issue the status of the international and global problem.

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It is also necessary keep in mind that 96% believes that “sex trafficking causes many kind of diseases”. People who are the victims of the sex industry make the contact with different people. It could be regular healthy people as well as drug dealers, alcoholics or drug addicted people. In general, the victim could have several sex contacts during the day. It could lead to the headaches and diseases like AIDS, gonorrhea, infertility and many others. Unfortunately, the decent number of people with high reputation in the society sometimes uses the sex service. This is a way how those diseases spread among healthy population.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that the problem of sex trafficking is rather serious. Moreover, it is a threat for the development of the society. However, we should keep in mind that people who are responsible for this serious crime are not only traffickers, but also regular citizens who use the service of sex industry. 


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