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Public health education is the area, which covers the environmental, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social health. The World Health Organization specifies Health Education as "comprising of consciously constructed opportunities for learning involving some form of communication designed to improve health literacy, including improving knowledge, and developing life skills which are conducive to individual and community health"(World Health Organization).

Nowadays, the government plays a crucial role in the health security sector. With the help of ministries of health and other health care organizations, government has a significant influence on health development through modifying the health systems and generation of financial and human resources. These systems assist to reach the effect of improving health, procuring equity in health care financing, reducing health inequalities and reacting to people’s needs.

In order to find out the role of the government in the public health education, it was analyzed two laws: New York Public heath Law (Article 30) and USA Public Health Law. The main provisions of the two laws are similar. According to them each person has a right to receive the skilled health care; right to be accepted in any public health care setting of their choice, if the institution is able to provide appropriate treatment; the right to get accurate and complete information about their health, including familiarization with the relevant medical documents relating to their health; the right to be treated abroad. Each person has an opportunity to conduct an independent medical examination if they disagree with the conclusions of the public health expertise. What is more, the laws allow being a member of any health care organization or union if the membership is not against the other laws (Health Care and Social Law). Also, according to the laws, the workers, that work on the hazardous works have special rights and encouragements. In addition, according to the New York Public Health Law and the article 30 –a, there is the subdivision chapter under the title “Emergency Medical Services Training”, where the main educational provisions are described. To sum up, the main provisions give all the rights to the person to have free choice, total information and the liberal actions concerning their health.

The main values of these laws are their legitimacy, accessibility and the necessity to follow. Thus, the main provisions of the laws are taught at school. The government is interested in the general health level of people. Each year there are summits that observe the question of the improving of health systems. That is why; there are a lot of institutions the main aim of which is the people’s awareness of the health care laws. Among them are: National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC), Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE), American College Health Association (ACHA), Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) and others.

The governmental policies are directed to improvement of the level of the health education, thus to the level of health security in general. Government mobilizes and focuses on the original sources on the nation’s public health priorities via cooperation with determined partners, law enforcement, and the judiciary.

To conclude, according to the analysis of the two laws: “New York Public Health Law” and “USA Public Health Law” it can be said, that the laws are focused on the providing the high quality health care system in the region, protecting the right of the people and giving the opportunity of a free choice of treatment. What is more, the government ensures the high level access to the health education, providing teaching the laws and school, the entry to the information and supporting the health care organizations. At last, the government plays a crucial role in developing health system. It is well documented throughout the world by the impressive growth of health systems.


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