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Free «Ethical and Moral Healthcare Issue» Essay Sample

More than in any other industry, in the medical the ethics is a paramount importance. The main reason is that people in this industry each day have to handle with such situations and circumstances that are directly related to the life of another person.

Integrity and objectivity of the definition of health problems, including its ethical aspects, is possible only in comparable assessment of positive and negative trends in its development in various countries around the world. Medical ethics, culture, morality, to a large extent determine the "face" of health care, however, exactly these elements are sometimes leveled and their importance is minimized, especially during the rapid development of health care as a sector, where at the first plan came out the economy, modern diagnostic technology, biomedical research, pharmacotherapy and etc. In these circumstances, the special importance is a category of medical ethics, as the rights of the patients suffering from chronic diseases and those who are with the pathological condition. In recent years, patient protection issues being actively addressed by WHO and the Council of Europe.



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Questions of medical ethics have evolved during the time - from not losing their relevance so-called "old" issues, such as medical ethics in testing pharmacological drugs and equipment with the participation of patients, to "modern", such as the availability of counterfeit medicines on the pharmaceutical market, the receipt and usage of the stem cells in medical practice. Increasing the number of counterfeit drugs creates a major risk for patients who use these drugs, not knowing that they are ineffective and sometimes harmful. Stem cells are not a scientifically sounded and create certain problems in medical and cosmetic practice. Thus, the "old" and "new" issues of medical ethics have shown a significant expansion of the spectrum of ethical issues in health care

In the healthcare professions,the ability to negotiate the moral and ethical issues is a crucial component in order to successfully meet the healthcare needs of society. There few major codes in the health care ethics: the duties to patients, the duties to colleagues and other professionals, duties to yourself, duties to society, duties to your profession and duties to the environment.

First of all medical laboratory specialists are responsible for the quality and integrity of the laboratory services they provide. Medical technologist laboratory must always respect the top interests of the care and welfare of their patients on the basic of professional duty. They must respect the honor and confidence of its patients; keep in mind that the physician science laboratory specialists is in the state authority over the patient and need to avoid the abusing of this position. What is more, the laboratory technologists have to apply the principle of informed consent as an ongoing process and recognize the rights of the patients to expect that they will not pass on any personal and confidential information that you will get during your professional duties, unless they agree to disclosure or the law requires. What I more, the medical laboratory specialists are responsible for the quality and integrity of the laboratory services they provide.

It is very important for each medical laboratory worker to follow the mentioned code. The consequences of not following can be disastrous. There are the examples, when the analysis are changes and the person is announced the other diagnosis, or that the information about the disease was not kept in the secret and it influenced the honor of the patient. In addition, in the case of the wrong clinical expertise the whole further treatment can be directed in the wrong way.

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Second of all, the medical laboratory technologist should maintain and improve his work, keep the professional knowledge and skills up to date throughout the working life. In particular, to participate on the regular basis in educational activities related to the medical laboratory science. In addition according to the medical ethic, the medical laboratory technologist should recognize the limits of his professional knowledge and competence,

use laboratory equipment and utensils properly and carefully, refrain from actions that may affect the health and lead to deterioration, know the laws and rules of the governing medical laboratory technology and apply them to practice in the profession.

The burning moral issue in the health care sphere is the ability to recognize the mistakes and to define them as soon as possible. The mentioned ethical code – the duties to yourself is very actual. The work of the laboratory technologist requires spending much affords, time and energy. It is almost without supervision, the wrong diagnosis or analysis could even be not noticeable for the long period of time, but the time on the recovery can be wasted. The worker should be aware of the importance to do everything very precise.

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At last, according to the ethical code, the laboratory technologist should take care about the environment protection and the public, assuring that all the medical wastes are removed legally and environmentally friendly.

There are some components that can occur during laboratory research can be very harmful and provoke the diseases, that is why they should be removed in the right way.

The profession health care laboratory technologist should be based on the basis of trust with patients. The term profession “means "dedication, promise or commitment publicly made”. In order to be a medical laboratory worker one needs a lifelong commitment to good professional and ethical practices and overriding commitment to good neighbor man and society. In fact, the scientific practice of medical laboratory is more a moral enterprise. What is more, the medical laboratory result of the test is better fact of the illness of the patient that the doctor’s diagnose. That is why is very important to have critical thinking and great concentration while doing the job for the medical laboratory workers. In addition it is urgent to follow the medical ethic code.


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