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In this article, the author talks about the problems in health care industry such as high costs and low effectiveness of care delivery and suggests Lean Six Sigma approach to achieve rapid, yet long-term, improvements to health care providers. Lean Six Sigma strategy consists of four elements which can be undertaken either individually or in complex.

The first element is called “Strategic Vision” and it aims to improve the overall business objectives of the organization. This task can be accomplished by using a balanced scorecard approach and a project charter. By analyzing financial, internal business processes, learning, growth, and customer, which are four basic elements of the organization, the progress in developing and applying the strategic vision can be measured.

The second element “Cultural Acceptance” underlines the importance of organizational transformation. Staff members of the organization must be flexible, ready to accept changes, and perceive chosen strategy for improvement as a belief system. “Quantitative Analysis” is the third element of the Lean Six Sigma methodology which involves the quantitative analysis of the data collected using a particular improvement strategy. Such factors as process, the type of data available, and the problem which the company is trying to solve determine the tools which will be used to analyze the data.

The last fourth element of the Lean Six Sigma approach represents the set of process improvement methods to overcome problems of the organization. DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) principle is used to apply the process improvement suite. The author concludes the article saying that the organizations which implement the Lean Six Sigma approach can achieve satisfactory results in a short period of time, as well as ensure long-term stability.


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